A True Love Story

This is about a girl who found true love over the internet... But when things go wrong what will she do? Will she know what to do?


1. Day One...

Hi my name is Stacey and at the moment I'm on facebook enjoying myself... I never knew i was so popular. All the boys love me they want to meet up and do stuff but i can't I have a boyfriend. His name is Owen and he is the WORST boyfriend EVER. He sent me this message 'Hey sexxiii wanna meet up and do a bit of... Ya knoow loovee? ;) call me.' So I did. It was the most STUPIDEST mistake EVER! As soon as i got there he was with another girl and he was making love. I screamed and ran out crying... He said "IT'S OVER BABE!" i never want to talk to him again. My phone keeps going off and it's him... I don't know what to do so I am writing this story about this. Is that who I... NO WAY IT IS HIM! He added me as a friend OMG HE IS HOT! Don't expect me to wait anyway Owen was the one who didn't notice me. Stupid rat... Haha i'm so kind aren't I? Well just to let you know this is gonna be a long relaxing story... Well not relaxing it's gonna leave you in an emotional wreck! Well that what happened to me...Anyway i am only 15 years old so i guess that's reasonable to write this story... Well Owen is about 16 or 17 i'm not sure to be honest but i have been told by everyone that Age doesn't matter if you're in love that's that! Well i better start the story of how i met a fabulous boy who i am still with! :) 

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