A dream date

Wandering around in the city alone on valentine's day is not that kind of fun, right? well, if you have nothing better to do like Julie, you're kinda forced to do that... but what if your prince charming comes and sweeps you off your feet? you don't know when and how you could ever meet your dream date, he may come on a beautiful white horse like it happens in fairy tales, or it may be a little more realistic and he'll come on a bike, he may read a poem to you, or he may just say a cheeky pick up line, he may be wearing a suit or just a plain sweater and a pair of jeans, who knows?... read to find out what happens with Julie.

This is a competition entry for the 1SHOT41D so liking, commenting and reading would mean so much to me....thank you:)


1. chapter 1!

It's valentine's day.

I sigh as i look in the mirror, it's not that i look bad or anything i actually like my outfit today it's pretty cute, it's just that i have no guy to say that to me, yes, i am alone on valentine's day.

I grab my keys and get out, i enter the nearest coffee shop which happens to be starbucks and head to the counter.

"Hello!" says Emma, the cashier cheerfully.

"Hey Emma, how are you?" i say smiling.

"Fine, great, feeling better than ever" she replies with a huge green, "what do you want to order?" she asks.

"The usual please" i say, checking my phone to see if i have any messages.

"Here you go" she says handing me my cup of coffee.

"Why are you so happy?" i ask noticing that her smile wasn't fading.

"Well, it's valentine's day and i'm going on what i'd like to call my dream date" she says, "don't you have any plans?" she asks.

"No" i says and rush out, i start walking and see most of the girls on dates with guys, is it really pathetic that i am alone?

As i am walking i see a couple laughing and talking, i smile and look at them.

"Anything wrong?" asks the girl, i finally snap "No, um..sorry" i say, was i really staring at them for that long?

I turn around to walk away, but i bump into someone and my coffee falls on the ground.

"Sorry love" he says, "i'll buy you another one" he explains picking the cup of the ground.

"Never mind, it's okay" i say.

"No, i insist" he says.

"Let the guy buy you a coffee" says one of his friends from the back.

I look at them, "You look familiar" i say, "Can you please take your shades off?" i say to the guy that spilled my drink.

He takes his shades off.

"Your Harry" i simply say.

"And you are beautiful" he compliments, i smile.

"Someone's got a crush" sings one of his friends.

"I'm Julie" i introduce myself.

"If you're alone Julie, would you like to be my valentine?" he asks.

And before i reply two girls run up to us screaming, "OMG" shouts one of them, "Can you take a picture of us?" she says handing me her camera.

"Sure" i say and snap a quick pic, and they leave.

"So, what's your answer?" Harry asks.

"Um...listen you really are a nice guy, but i don't think i can handle all the screaming and fame right now...have a great day" i say and leave, he seemed shocked of my answer.

I enter the music shop a few meters away, and wait 'till they live, i look around a little bit, did i do wrong by rejecting Harry's offer? did i miss a great chance to hang out with a great guy?

I exit the shop and i hear someone calling my name,i turn around to see Harry with a rose and a cup of coffee.

"He doesn't give up on love that easily" says one of his friends from the back.

"A chance?" he asks smiling.

I walk towards him and take the rose and coffee from his hands, i give him a hug and say "should've said yes from the beginning".

"What should we call us?" he asks, "Jarry maybe?".

"We'll think about that" i  say laughing.



Dear girls, don't worry if you're alone or single, being alone doesn't mean you're weak, who knows? maybe god's saving you for someone special, and we still have so much time to love, you will meet your prince charming one day, no doubt, but the mystery is how? and when? well, only God knows, he may come on a horse or a bike or he may notice you walking by, he may sing to you, he may write you a poem or he may compliment you, who knows? love's a mystery.... so, i wish you a very happy valentine, enjoy every moment of your day..love Lia xoxo


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