But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you, not even close… not even a little bit… not even at

I couldn't bring myself to hate him....not even close...not even a little bit...not even at all.


1. For and idiot, he wasn't half bad

I never realised how much I was in love with him till we spent that magical night together..

It was the July of 2012 when I realised I was in love with him. We had met at summer camp and I immediately hated him. 

I was there with my four best friends, Lewis. Sarah, Hattie and Megan. And then there was me, Beth. 

I was nothing special, not having boy experiences in the past, despite being 17 and still having my virginity. Okay, I had a brief three month boyfriend when I was starting middle school but that was it. He kissed me on the lips once, and we held hands in class but that was it. 

Nothing special.

Until the summer.

I was standing in line for lunch, chatting to some new people I'd met, generally having a good time till someone started randomly laughing at something I'd said. 

Looking behind me, I found a tall Caucasian male with shaggy red hair and green eyes, looking at me intently. In short, he looked as if the Lucky Charms leprechaun was on steroids.  

Feeling a little cheesed off, I confronted him only to realise that I only faced his chest. Looking up, I confronted him again "Can I help you?" I asked as politely as possible, trying not to sound annoyed

"Nah, I'm cool" he responded "But wait, can you help me find the way to your heart?"

Rolling my eyes, I turned around to again, talk to my friends. 

We met again in "social interaction" where we were supposed to make new friends and whatnot. Our group, Okapis, were against his group, Tapirs in capture the flag and I was in "prison" on which he was on guard.

"Oh it's you again" he smiled, winking playfully at me  "What's a pretty young thang like you doing in prison?!

"I would like to inform you that I'm not a "thang" as you so aptly put it, I have a name"

"Okay keep your hair on Hermione.." he said, putting his hands in the air in mock defeat "Sheesh, tell a girl a compliment and she goes evil" 

I opened my mouth, ready to say something witty, but as soon as I was about to speak, the whistle sounded out, indicating the game was over.

"Well that was a fun game" the stranger smiled, walking next to me "Oh, I' never got your name Hermione"

I paused...he called me Hermione again...my favourite literary character....should that be taken as a compliment?

I sighed "It's Beth"

I waited in silence as we kept on walking to the cabins where boys were on one half and girls on the other. Not all the campers cared to agree.

"Cool....well I'm Jonah..you know? Jonah and the Whale?"

I nodded, smirking slightly. The only version I'd ever heard of was a stupid cartoon in kindergarten to do with singing vegetables. 

I'd arrived back at my cabin, Jonah still following me. A camp counselor was walking towards us, probably waiting to tell us off for PDA. 

"Alright, I'd best be going...see you Beth"

"See you" I said, turning on  my heels and closing my door.

For an idiot, he wasn't half bad. 

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