Kind and Gentle, mean and harsh

Hwayoung Park who gets into SM Entertainment has a bad back and her mother just passed away. She likes Lay of EXO-M who is a kind and gentle person but developes feelings for Kai from EXO-K who is harsh and mean. And just to make everything "better" Minji Oh comes and ruins everything. What will happen to Hwayoung?


3. Our First Meeting


"Ommah...Are you sure I can go to practice? I can stay here with you you know; I am the leader, so it's fine for me to miss a day or two." I quietly whined sitting on the hospital net to my ill, and fragile mother. "Ne sweety. I'm fine" you could tell she was obviously lieing just by looking at her sickly pale skin, and how tired she looked. "But ommah-" "go honey, the doctors will take care of me" my mother cut me off. "Love you" she said coughing inbetween words and smiled after getting herself together. There was a long pause until I worriedly said "Ne, I love you too. But i;m going to visit you as soon as I'm done. Okay." I stood up and grabbed my bag from the floor trying not to show my mom how much pain my back was in. "Okay honey." my mom said laughing. "Annyeong~" I said as I left. I walked to the door and left the room shutting the door quietly.

I sighed as I walked down the halls of the hospital. "Where am I going to find the money to pay for this surgery? My dad's dead, and now i'm all that's left...I don't make that kind of money" I whispered to myself. I took a deep breath and inhaled the smell of Medicine, soap, and hand sanitizer. I got out of the building and waited at the bus stop for about 5 minutes until it came. I walked all the way to the back of the bus "Mianhae" I repeatedly said as I bumped into people standing on the bus. I got to my seat and just stared out the window as I made my way to practice. We got to my stop and as I got up an agonizing pain went through my back and down to my legs making it difficult to stand. As soon as I was about to fall, a pair of arms caught me and led me off of the bus. Once I was off I said "Gamsahamnida; I think I'm fine now. You can let me go now" and pulled away from the stranger. I tried to look at his face; but I could only see his eyes as he was wearing a mask over his mouth and nose. He bowed and walked down to the SM building. "SM the person who helped me famous?" I shrugged and walked to the dance studio two buildings down from the SM Entertainment building.

"Annyeong unni!" The maknae and visual of my group said stretching as i walked in. "Hey Lina." I waved and threw my bag across the room. "Hey Hwayoung! How's your mom?" The Rapper and main dance full with charisma caringly asked getting up from her stretching. "Yeah! How is she" Lina said running up to me and almost falling down tripping over her own left foot. "She's fine" I lied and began to do my stretching. After two minutes of stretching; I turned on the stereo and "MAMA" by exo came on and we danced in synch to the music all in perfect timing.

We suddenly heard clapping and with me being the most curious out of us turned around as fast as lightning to see Lay of exo-m and another older man clapping and smiling standing at the door. "Annyeonghaseyo." we all bowed 90° and said together, Eunchae being the loudest. She could tell I didn't know who the older man was so she whispered to me "That's the chair man of SM Entertainment" I gasped slightly and gave a shy smile. I noticed that Lay was wearing exactly what the person who helped me was wearing. "Hello. I'm Lay of exo-m; when I helped you off of your bus" he began gesturing to me, and eunchae giving me a strange what-did-you-do look, and Lina just staring at lay. "I noticed you walk in here; I kept watching you to make sure you got in alright. I knew the chairman wanted some more trainees so, I thought it was a good idea to see what you guys could do." Lay finished and smiled showing off his adorable dimple. "And to add to that, you girls were amazing." The chairman said. "OMO JINJJA!?" Lina yelled "Oh my god shut up." Eunchae said hitting her on the head. "Mian..." Lina said pouting and bowing. The chairman laughed and began to speak again "Well; I think it's a very good idea to sign you 3 as trainees in SM Entertainment. Seeing the three of you already have amazing skills you probably won't have to train for a very long period of time until we start thinking about your careers.

"NOW you can spazz or do....whatever it is you do Lina." Eunchae said glaring at her and she immediately fell to her knees and cried tears of joy. I just laughed uncontrollably and Eunchae giggled. "Well-" my phone ringing cut off the chairman's words. I looked at it and noticed it was the hospital. My eyes widened and the chairman said I may answer. "Gamsahabnida" I shyly said and answered it. I rushed out of the room and answered. "Hello, is this ms.Park?" I could hear doctor Jang's voice on the other line. "Ne, this is her speaking." I said back to her. "I'm sorry to inform you of this but; we were about to put your mother into surgery since she desperately needed it at the time and before we could start, she passed away." Doctor Jang's voice was gentle, like how she spoke to my mother while helping her with things a teenager like me wouldn't be able to do. "WHAT!? ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW!? YOU'RE LIEING TO ME RIGHT NOW RIGHT?!" I screeched. "Ms.-" "No! don't "ms. park i'm so sorry we couldn't save your mother" me!" i interrupted and immitated a high sqeeky voice. Pretty ride right? Yeah, I could've cared less. Lay came out and grabbed me hand taking me from the building. I dropped my phone just as I was about to curse at the doctor. "Yah! what are you doing! My phone! let me get my phone! don't touch me!"

Lay opened the door to his sleek, black audi and I got inside crying uncontrollably. "What hospital?" Lay said getting in "Seoul Hospital" I said inbetween cries. "Okay get your seatbelt on Lay said putting his on. I refused and just kept crying. Lay reached over and put it on for me his hand brushed against mine and it felt so soft, warm, and comforting. He started the car and sped to the hospital. Once we got there I opened the dor and tried to get out but was pulled back since I forgot to unbuckle my seatbelt. My hands were shaking and were numb so I couldn't unbuckle the seatbelt no matter how hard I tried. Lay reached over and unbuckled it for me looking extremely worried. I stumbled out of the car and ran into the building. Room "1345, 1345, 1345, 1345" I mumbled all throuought the hospital and once I got there; her bed was perfectly made, nobody laying on there. My eyes grew wide and I looked like a complete psycho. Did I care? No; of course not. Did I have a reason to? No. Doctor Jang came in and had a sad look on her face.

"Gone....gone....GONE! WHY DIDN'T YOU SAVE HER!?" I screamed marching over to her. "Please ms. Park. This is a hospital; there are other patients. I;m sorry about your loss. We tried our hardest but we didn't succeed." Dr.Jang suddenly sounded angry "Yeah, I notice you didn't succeed." I got quieter and glared at her. "Look. The hospital needs the money for taking care of your mother by the end of next month." Dr. Jang looked like a hot mess. Her hair was in the messiest bun I've ever seen, she was sweating like a pig and she looked upset and angry. "Do you people HONESTLY think, that I am going to pay you 250,000 dollars for NOT saving my mother?!" I gave Dr.Jang the biggest attitude I've givin anybody. "Well, yes I do. And you better pay it." She left me in the room dumbfounded. I balled my fists up and stormed out of the room. Lay was sitting on a chair right outside of the door with his eyes wide. "Let's go." I said and never stopped walking. I got in the car and the ride back was silent. Not a word. Lay hadn't dared talk to me after hearing me go off on the doctor. But I did catch him glancing at me every 5 minutes or so. I suddenly started crying and Lay pulled over and rubbed my back telling me everything would be okay.




Hello readers! How was the first chapter? I hope you liked it! This is COMPLETELY different than what's written in my notebook lol I don't think any of it is the same. But I like this better. Please comment and subscribe. Thank you. And if there's any errors i apologize since I am too lazy to fix them -____-. Until next time lovelies~okay also, the word ommah is mom in korean and mian is sorry in korean in case you were confused and didn't speak korean.

P.S. For those who use Quotev or asianfanfics (if any of you do) you may see this story up there. That's because I have published it there too okay, thank you.


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