Kind and Gentle, mean and harsh

Hwayoung Park who gets into SM Entertainment has a bad back and her mother just passed away. She likes Lay of EXO-M who is a kind and gentle person but developes feelings for Kai from EXO-K who is harsh and mean. And just to make everything "better" Minji Oh comes and ruins everything. What will happen to Hwayoung?


6. "Nice" to Meet You, I'm Minji Oh

Lay and I finished our pizza after maybe 20 minutes or so. "I'll pay." I said getting my wallet for my spacious brown gucci bag Tao gave to me last week to comfort me. I tried to make him take it back but he refused. "No. I'll pay, women shouldn't pay you know." Lay said smiling and holding my hand to stop me from getting my wallet. I started to feel all warm and bubbly inside; as if butterflies were fluttering about inside my stomach. "Umm.uh.uhhhh...oh..umm....okay." I said nervously moving my hand away and looking down to hide my now pink-ish colored face. "So cute." Lay giggled ruffling my hair.

Lay ended up paying and we drove our way back to the SM Entertainment building. As we walked in Kai and the girl Lay and I saw him with earlier. "Oh. Annyeonghaseyo." I bowed to the two of them as well as Lay. "Annyeong" Kai waved and rolled his eyes. "Annyeonghaseyo. I'm Oh Minji. And you are?" The girl said smiling. "Oh, I'm Park Hwayoung. It's nice to meet you Oh Minji." I bowed again and smiled back. "Ne, it's nice to meet you too. As Kai and I were walking we saw you two in the Pizza parlor. I wanted to stop in and meet you then, but Kai said no." Minji pouted and glared at Kai. "Yes, we saw you too. Now me and Hwayoung need to go." Lay said coldly and grabbed my arm, dragging me away.

"It was nice meeting you! Hope to see you again!" I heard Minji shout from behind me. "Ne! Same here!" I shouted back waving but still being dragged. "yah...what was that for!?" I said to Lay suddenly getting irritated. "Oh Minji is not a nice girl. Trust me." "She seemed pretty nice to me." I said putting my hands on my hips. "Yeah, that's because Kai was around. She has a huge crush on Kai, and she probably thinks of you as competition." Lay sat down in a nearby chair. 'How can she think of me as competition. She's pretty, nice, and skinny.' I thought to myself. "Aish. Whatever." I said to Lay. "Sorry." He said. "It's fine. You're just trying to protect me..I think. But if she does end up being nice. You owe me 5 cents." I exclaimed closing my eys. "Really?! 5 cents?! Wow." Lay said laughing.

-Oh Minji P.O.V-

'Ew...I hate her. Stupid Park Hwayoung. Getting in the way of me and my Kai.' I thought to myself watching her and Lay run off. "I'll see you later Oppa~" I said to Kai waving and walking in the direction that Lay and Hwayoung went. I looked into each room until I finally found them. "Oh annyeong! there you guys are." I smiled looking at them sitting and laughing. "Hey Hwayoung. Wanna go shopping together? Let's get to know each other and be friends." I said walking towards her holing out my hand. "Oh. Of course Oh Minji." "Just call me Minji." I laughed and grabbed her hand pulling her up. "Let's go!" Hwayoung said getting her gucci bag from the ground. 'Didn't Tao have that bag? I'm sure he has the same personalized keychain on it. Tao likes her too?!' I thought but kept smiling trying not to show how pissed I was.

-Hwayoung P.O.V-

"So, Minji. How long have you known Kai?" I asked looking at her driving from the passenger seat. "Ever since we were five. Parents were friends." She said smiling at me. "Oh..." I said and suddenly felt sad at her mention the word 'parents'. "What are your parents like?" Minji asked me curiously. "They're dead. "My dad dies a few weeks after I was born and my mom died two weeks ago. What about yours?" I sadly exclaimed. "Oh....I'm sorry. My parents are nothing special." Minji shrugged. 'What is she talking about!? At least she has parents.' I thought suddenly annoyed. "I haven't seen them in years. They don't even call on my birthday or holidays. Sucks." She continued. I suddenly felt bad for her. "Oh...i'm sorry to hear that. Do you ever try calling them?" I asked. "Yeah. I try they don't answer. and when they do, all they do is nag, and yell at me." Minji said with tears forming but quickly sniffled them away.


Hello readers! Updated again ^^. Ths was also made up as I went along (still can't find the fanfic in my notebooks). It's pretty short too. I couldn't really think of anything to write. But whatever ^_^ Love you all! Bye-bye.

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