Kind and Gentle, mean and harsh

Hwayoung Park who gets into SM Entertainment has a bad back and her mother just passed away. She likes Lay of EXO-M who is a kind and gentle person but developes feelings for Kai from EXO-K who is harsh and mean. And just to make everything "better" Minji Oh comes and ruins everything. What will happen to Hwayoung?


5. As Weeks go on

Week 1

So far; the days have really been bad. You know, not having my mom around anymore. I didn't take a break due to the personal problems because I just was to make my debut already. It's been a week days since her death and I haven't been taking it well. Nightmares every night, flashbacks, panic attacks, depression, and sometimes I'll just break out crying for no reason. And I've been having lack of sleep. I have dark circles under my eyes, now making me look like a panda, and i've been breaking out a lot with bad acne on my forehead. From stress maybe? Luckily; Lay, Lina, Eunchae, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Kai, and the other exo members have been helping me out.

The chairman is prssuring me to take a break. Lina and Eunchae as well, They say it's fine if it delays our debut but I really don't want my problems to bother them even more than it already has. Other than practice; I pretty much just stay in my dorm. Locked up in my room like an animal at the zoo. My normally clean room is now a mess. Plates, glasses, and cans on my desk; and paper scattered everywhere. Eunchae and Lina don't really come into my room much unless I ask for them to come in. We haven't really broken apart much through the tough situation. We've become closer. and I've become closer with Kai and Lay, Baekhyun and Chanyeol, and surprisingly the other exo members.

The more time I spend with Lay; the more i realize how sweet, kind, gentle, and caring he is. Yet the more time I spend with Kai; he's just arrogant, mean, and harsh. I know he's trying to comfort me but, he does a crappy job at it. Saying harsh things every once in a while that sometimes make me not want to come out of bed. I know he doesn't mean it in a harsh way but; I don't really know anymore. It feels as if everything is falling apart. My mother was my everything; and now I don't have her any longer. i have nothing without her. Nothing. Yes, i have Eunchae and Lina but it's not the same. I feel like something is missing; like I'm forgetting something everytime I go somewhere.

With my lack of sleep, I've been getting horrible and sometimes unbearable headaches. Unhealthy right? I know. But I can't control my body. I can't sleep. It feels like everytime I go to sleep the memory of at the hospital just comes back. Can't control that either. It feels really, strange should I say seeing trainees talking with their parents laughing with them and then there I am just staring at my phone only getting texts from my friends.

Week 2

Things are getting better. Much better. No more depression, I get sleep, no headaches, no more panic attacks, and I look a lot better and healthier. Ever since I started gettin better, Lay, Lina, and Eunchae seem happier too. I admit I feel bad for making them worry so much. But every time I try to apologie they say not to worry and that it's not my fault. Just to focus on getting better.

"Oppa!" i called running down the hall to lay putting my arm through his. "Wanna go get something to eat?" I said cheerfully. Lay, surprised at my sudden happy tone agreed. "What do you want to get?" Lay asked smiling showing his dimple. "PIZZA!!" I yelled and put a fist up into the air. Lay chuckled and started walking to the door.

We finally got to the pia parlor and took a seat nearest to the window to keep an eye on the car. "Hello, my name is Ji yeon and I'll be taking your order. Would you like something to drink?" The waitress asked politely winking at Lay. I felt anger build up inside of me. I don't understand why I feel like this. I can't possibly already like Lay. It's only been two weeks since we've met. "Um...I'll take a coke please." Lay smiled and looked at me. "What about you?" He asked and the waitress looked at me smiling. "Oh yeah. umm I'll have a bubble tea." I said. "Flavor?" Waitress said recording the orders "Uhh...I'll just have mango flavor thanks." I said nervously smiling. "Okay. I'll be back shortly." She took another look at Lay and the anger came again. I stared at her up and down watching her walk away.

"What's with that face Hwayoung?" "What do you mean" I asked tilting my head. I really didn't understand what he was talking about. "You looked like this." Lay exclaimed and imitated what I looked like. Lay looked really dumb at that point I must admit. I just burst out laughing and held my stomach. "What's so funny? That is what you looked like." He crossed his arms. "Yeah sure, but I most likely didn't look that dumb!" I said still laughing. I settled down a minute later and looked out the window. I squinted my eyes to see if what I saw was serious. It was Kai, with another girl. "Hm?" Lay said and looked out the window.

Kai and that...girl looked really, no extremely happy together...I felt sad, really sad. I shook my head and mentally facepalmed myself 'what are you thinking Hwayoung!? Are you going crazy? You don't like kim jongin! He's bad, really bad' I thought to myself. Suddenly the waitress came back with our drinks and a tray of a large Sausage pizza. "When'd we order?" I asked Lay. "A few minutes ago. You were daydreaming and I couldn't get you to snap out of it. So I just ordered. That fine?" Lay asked. "Oh of course!" I smiled and ate the pizza. Lay was so adorable as he was eating and smiling as we talked. My heart was fluttering and I felt happier than I have in these past two weeks. Lay; thank you.

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