Your Life, Your Voice, Your Reason To Be

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8. Chapter 7


"Well you might want to be on your way to leaving... the only way you'll be leaving this place is by yourself." I said sternly as I got up from the table we were seated at, but not turning back to say a little more to Zayn.  "And you might want to think of getting as far away from me as you can, I don't think James would like it much if he knew you were around me."  I thought threatening Zayn with a confrontation from James would warn him, hopefully it worked.

I walked back into the book store and clocked out early, using the excuse of having a headache to go home early.  I arrived home and the house was empty.  The rooms were warm from the sun shining through the windows, and it was relaxing.  I decided to take some down time and relax on the couch.  I flipped the TV on and before I knew it, I could barely keep my eyes open.

I woke up to the sound of snoring next to me.  I looked around as my eyes adjusted to the darkness and realized that I was lying in James' and I's bed.  The clock 2:18 a.m. which meant that I had been asleep for well over the 2 hour nap I planned to take.  James was sleeping peacefully, his head rested on the pillow next to mine.  He was lying on his stomach and had one hand lazily draped across my stomach.  I would have tried to get out of bed because I had to use the restroom, but I know James would have only tightened his grip on me and pulled me closer to him.  When James slept, he was at peace with himself, and the world.

I turned on my side to face James and watched him sleep.  It was dark, but I could still see the outlining of his face.  I rarely took the time to admire James looks, but he really is beautiful.  His face was the initial reason I was attracted to him, the reason I talked to him in the first place.  Staring at his face brought back the memories of laughter we have shared over the years, the memories that I miss.  I moved my hand up to wipe a piece of his blonde hair and tuck it behind his ear, but was startled when I did so.

James caught my hand, and in the sleepiest voice asked, "Katherine what are you doing?"

"Ummm... I-," I didn't know how to explain what I was doing, but now I was scared.  Waking James was something that I was never supposed to do.

James paused for a second, and then he caught me off guard.  Before releasing my hand from his grasp, he placed a single kiss on my hand, one of the most gentle, simplistic, kisses I had ever received from him.  I took it as a sign from James as a treaty almost, as if he was saying, 'I won't hurt you.'

James pulled me closer to him as he turned to lie on his back.  I rested my head on his chest.  The rhythm of his heart beating was soothing, and the way his chest rose and fell so easily was comforting.  It wasn't long before James was back asleep, but I lay awake for quite a while.  It was times like these when I appreciated all that James was.

This was the part of our relationship and everyone failed to see, especially Zayn.  He had been so judgmental from the start, yet he had no real understanding of just how much James loves me.  I know that the beating don't show love to most people, but in a way they do.  They show that he cares for me and he wants to be the only one who I love, he's possessive over me, and although it isn't healthy, I understand it.  Yes sometimes, he gets angry and physical with me simply because he had a bad day, and he takes it out on me, but everyone has bad days, James just deals with them differently.

James loves me and Zayn fails to realize that.  James loves me and that is why I refuse to leave him.  Zayn just doesn't understand, but I'll make him realize it whether he wants too or not.




I've just been so busy, and I do know that I use that 'excuse' a lot, but its the truth.  I won't promise anymore that I'll update every week or weekend, but I promise I will do it when I have the time.  Again, I apologize for my lack of commitment to this story, hopefully when I get more time, after school is over and soccer ends there will be more updates.

2. This chapter?

I have writers block and had no idea what to write about, so I wanted to give you all and idea of why Katherine loves James and what she means when she says she loves him.  I wanted to show you the side of their relationship that most people don't see, not even Zayn.

But keep reading, comment, favorite, add to your reading list, and become a fan!

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