Your Life, Your Voice, Your Reason To Be

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2. Chapter 2

I looked in the mirror the next morning as I began to dress for work.  James was gone for work so I knew I wouldn't be bothered this morning.  It's rather sad if you think about it, I feel more comfortable home alone than I do when James is here.

As I looked in the mirror I began to assess the damage James had inflicted on me last night after we arrived home.  I removed my shirt and shorts and was standing in front of the mirror in my bra and underwear.  There were bruises all along my sides and lower back from being slammed into so many different walls.  I had a black eye and a cut just above my eyebrow on the left side.  My bottom lip was badly swollen, not cut though so it would cover up easily.  My neck was red and looked to have what everyone would think was a rash or rug burn, but only I know the truth.  It was from James chocking me last night, but I could cover that with make up too.  I then looked at my arms and noticed the bruises in the form of hands that ran down the sides of my arms.  One in particular stood out, it was already a deep purple, if not black and it was in the exact print of someone’s hand, James hand.  It was on my fore arm and had been from him dragging me.

After looking myself over in the mirror, I began to dress and do my makeup.  I applied my eye shadow on my right eye first then my left second.  I decided to do a Smokey eye look today because I figure it will take a lot less make up, since one eye is already black.  I then covered my face and neck in what seemed to be layers and layers of makeup, and eventually the skin irritations and cuts James had left were gone.  I left my naturally wavy brunette hair cascade around my face.  I knew this would take more focus away from my face.  Now about the bruises on my body.  I wore a pair of black and grey tribal print leggings with a long sleeve turquoise high to low style with buttons in the front and a small black collar to make sure my arms were completely covered, if anyone at work saw what my body really looked like, they would be mortified.  So like usual, I'll make up an excuse that all my co-workers will so easily believe.  I then put my brown boots on, grabbed my keys and was out the door.

I drove downtown in my little car.  It was a black piece of crap car.  James always made sure I had a means of transportation, but as the condition of the transportation goes... it was never good.  If I had a nice car he feared I'd travel thousands of miles and run away from him.  His assumptions were right, other than the fact that I had no money to travel that far because all the money I earned went straight to James.  His reasoning behind me giving him my paycheck was he pays for my housing and groceries, and pays all the bills and buys me clothes and necessities when I need them.  That is all true; however, he gambles away all his money and sometimes even mine, that’s why he needs the money.

I pulled into the staff parking lot downtown across from where I work.  I work as a cashier in the local book store and it has proven to be my favorite job that I've had within the last few years.  I've worked as bartender, under aged yes, but it's amazing what a fake ID and personal records can do for you, but I left that job because James didn't like it much.  I then worked for a restaurant, a cafe as a waiter and two clothing stores... none of them compare to the book store though.  At the book store, I'm able to lose myself in a book, while I'm reading I tend to forget about whatever current situation I'm wrapped up in at the time, and for a little while I'm free.

I walked into the little store and was greeted by Ashley, one of my co-workers that I usually work the morning shift with.  Ashley was beautiful.  She stood about 5'4, had brown hair with natural dirty blonde highlights.  She had bright sky blue eyes, which was the first thing most people noticed about her.  Her smile was contagious; she had perfectly white straight teeth.  Her face was perfectly sculpted and her cheekbones were to die for.  Her body was perfect too, something I was jealous of, she was perfectly proportioned.  She was just over all perfect.  She could have been a model; her height was the only problem.

"Hi Katherine!" she screamed across from the store while she was busy with a customer.

"Hi Ashley," I said while waving, "don't yell so loud, you might scare the customer's off!"  This earned a little laugh out of Ashley and the gentleman she was assisting.

I then walked over to the counter and put my purse, phone, and keys on the shelf and sat on the counter and began to eat my breakfast.  Before I left I grabbed a quick granola bar, it was the simplest and quickest thing for breakfast, not necessarily very filling, but it worked.

After Ashley was done helping the gentlemen she hopped on the counter next to me.  Ashley and I always had time to talk, not much customers came around, especially in the mornings, but the store still stayed in business.  The owners, the Jensen’s, were rather well off and this business wasn't of much importance to them, so I never really understand why they kept it open.

"Katherine... why the hell are you in jeans and a long sleeve? It's like 85 degrees outside!" Ashley asked.  One more thing about Ashley was she was very straight forward, always asking questions and demanding answers.  I'm surprised she hasn't figured out my situation with James yet and continues to believe my lies.

"My Eczema is acting up and I don't think people would appreciate staring at my rashes all day," I lied.

"Have you been using your ointment the doctor prescribed for you?" she asked.

"Yep," I said exaggerating the sound of the p, "but you know, I have my bad days." Another lie I told her.  I never went to the doctor for my 'eczema" nor did I have any ointment to treat it.

"Well I hope it improves before our trip to California for the summer, because I'm ready for bikini season and you are not wearing a jumper to the beach, it's just not acceptable!!!" Ashley said, lightening the mood.  Ashley wanted to spend the summer in California one year.  I don't know why but California seemed majestic to her.

The rest of the morning was rather quiet.  I took a long lunch break with Ashley.  When I returned from lunch with Ashley I was in for a shock.  Looking in between the shelves of books was a boy in a baseball cap, jeans and a white T-shirt, but he wasn't just any boy.  He was Zayn, I could tell because his face was very unique, perfect like Ashley's.  Zayn looked around for five minutes then left.  He didn't purchase anything, didn't even pick up a book for that matter, just left.  After he left I had to listen to Ashley talk my ear off about how cute that 'stranger' was.  That girl could blab for hours about one boy, it was rather amazing how she never ran out of things to say.  The clock struck 3:00 and Ashley was out.  I on the other hand decided to work the late shift and earn a little extra money for myself, money I would hide and not give to James.  I worked the night shift with my other co-worker, Lynda.  Lynda was in her early 30's, this was her second job that she worked in order to make a living for herself and her two kids.  Their father left her when the second child came along and she hasn't seen or heard from him since.  Since Lynda has a family to get home to, she usually leaves about thirty minutes to an hour early, and I clock out for her when I leave and close up shop.

Lynda was supposed to arrive at 4:30, but she arrived around 5:00 to work and usually left around 8:00.  She was usually running late because she had to take her kids to a sports practice, or music rehearsal or one was sick, so I expected it.  At about 6:30 I took my snack break.  This consisted of me going to the back staff room and reading on my own for about 30 minutes while I snacked on a sandwich I had made the previous morning.  Towards the end of my break I heard the little bells signaling that a customer had entered the shop.  I left it to Lynda to help them so I could finish this last chapter.  After five minutes I was back on the floor and noticed a man leaving through the door.  It was Zayn again.  I assumed Lynda had helped assist him so I decided to ask her what he bought or wanted.  I didn't like the fact that he knew where I worked and would just show up, pretend to look around and not buy anything, it just creeped me out even more.

"Who was that?" I asked, pretending I didn't know him.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, "His name was Zayn."

"And... what was he doing here?"

"Jesh, skeptical much?" she questioned me, raising an eyebrow at me.

"That’s the second time he's been in here today, so I want to make sure my assumptions are wrong and that he isn't some creep planning a robbery or something.." I explained crossing my arms over my chest in a rather defensive manner.

"Oh, no sweetie, he's very nice.  In fact he just stopped by to get some applications.  He's going to apply for a job here!"

"I wasn't aware the Jenson's were hiring.  If I would have known I would have told one of my friends to apply."

"Neither did I, but it will be a nice change.  To have a young piece of eye candy work here other than us girls." she said winking at me.  I laughed in response to cover up my uneasiness.  I didn't mention Zayn and I meeting the previous night at the club because that would only cause more questions.  There were things about him that were unsettling.  Somehow he knew me, without me even telling him anything.  He knew my boyfriend and what he does to me; he knows where I work and is now applying for a job here.  I really need to find out what this boys problem is.

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