Your Life, Your Voice, Your Reason To Be

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11. Chapter 10

I reached the airport and there he was standing out front of the entrance.  His black hair was hidden under a dark grey beanie and he was in black jeans and a t-shirt, an appropriate outfit for a long flight.  I on the underhand was in sweats and a sweatshirt, not caring what kind of hell I looked like on this Friday morning.

Zayn noticed me when I got out of the cab and in a few seconds was by my side helping me unload my bags from the back.  Three suitcases were all I had, that included all clothing, shoes, bathroom supplies, and personal belongings.  Zayn and I made our way into the airport and were shortly on our way through the terminal and onto the plane that would take me home.

As far as I know home is where mom, dad, and Harry are waiting for me, it's a small town in California, it's where I left my life so long ago at such an early age, but I'm not sure what home means to me anymore.  I'm sure things will be different; I've been gone for so long.  Part of me wants to run into the arms of my family when I arrive, but the other part of me doesn't want this flight to ever land.  I don't want to face the family I left so long ago, but I know I have to because I have never needed my family more than I do now.  I need my life back, I know things won't be the same, but I need to find myself again and learn to gain my own independence.

I took a seat next to the window with Zayn right next to me.  After only an hour of the flight Zayn was asleep and that's when I studied him.  His face was well sculpted, the outlining of his cheekbones were clear and his chin was well defined.  He had some stubble on his chin and his eyelashes were full and dark.  I was beginning to notice the beauty I failed to notice the first time we met in the club.  Most of his tattoos were visible, obviously he had recently added to the collection.  As I stared at Zayn I realized exactly how thankful I need to be for him.  After the way I had treated him, after all the yelling and rude comments, when I called him that Thursday from work, all he said was okay.  No questions asked, not explanation needed for why I wanted to go home.  He arranged everything.

After informing the manager at the bookstore it was going to be my last day, I received my last check and then went to find Ashley.  When I told her I was leaving, she cried hysterically.  I did too, leaving her was going to be hard, but I just said I had a family emergency to attend to.  She asked for my cell number or email address, but I couldn't give her that information because of James, so instead I told her I'd contact her when I got everything settled at home.

I left work early after talking with Ashley and met with Zayn in the park, the same park I had ran to the day before.  He was sitting at the picnic table and I took the seat across from him.  Our conversation consisted of many questions from him and many short one worded answers from me.  He wanted to know when I wanted to leave, and if the time of the day mattered.  He said he would call me a cab, and thought of an excuse to get James out that night so I could pack.  How he did it, maybe I'll never know, but Zayn got me packed, into a cab, onto a plane, and ready to go home, all without James knowing.

That is why I have to be thankful for the young man that sits at my right.  He made a promise to my brother when he was just a few years younger and he never looked back, he never gave up on him or me.

I looked to my right once more and closed my eyes for the rest of the flight; I was finally going home, only a plane ride was in the way of me being with my family once again.

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