Your Life, Your Voice, Your Reason To Be

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1. Chapter 1

WARNING: This will not be a normal fanfic.  The main character will be Zayn Malik and Kathering Jones.  This is just an idea that popped into my head.  I would like to remain anonymous for as long as possible.  This is my first serios fanfic that I will actually be dedicated too, that is if people like the story of course, anyways, here's the first chapter!

He grabbed my hand forcing me out of the car and dragged me into the club.  As always, with no argument.  I followed along.  I know better than to argue with the man that stands in front of me.. The man I call my boyfriend.  He stands at 6'1, with short blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.  His tones muscles are seen clearly through his white T-shirt.  He does that on purpose.  To scare the people that surround us especially when we go out.  It gives them the warning of: "If you touch her, or even go near her, your dead." That her being me.

I follow James clumsily into the club, staggering along behind him, trying to keep up with his fast pace.  He’s in a bad moon and to blow off some steam he drags me out to the club with him.  It’s better than the other alternative though.

Once inside the club, James drags me to the bar with him and orders for both of us as expected.  he never as what I want, just orders for me, like I'm his pet dog and have to comply with whatever he tells me, but after about six years in this relationship, it's all I've come to know.

I limit myself to one beer know I will be the designated driver for myself and James.  James on the other hand?  He left me at the bar after 3 rounds of shots with his buddies.  Now he is probably out back in the ally having a smoke or in the bathroom shooting cocaine.  So now I'm left here sitting at the bar alone, and sipping on my beer, waiting for the return of my boyfriend.  I scan around the room taking in what surrounds me.  The lights are flashing and the music is loud.  There are people dancing and grinding all over each other.  People making out and people talking at the bar.  I seem to be the only one alone in this place, until I spot him.  I spot a black haired boy sitting across the club in a booth, alone.  He wasn't exactly a boy, but he looked much younger tan James, in fact, he looked my age, probably about 20 years old.  His black hair was tossed up with a blonde streak peeking through.  His brown eyes were captivating, staring deeply into mine.  His eyes are such a muted color, yet they are beautiful, unlike any other pair of brown eyes I have ever seen.  He sat there staring at me.  I scanned the room again in hope of losing the boy's focus.  I'd hoped he would find another woman to uncomfortable gaze at, but I was wrong.  As I return my eyes to him, he still sits there, staring, just the same as he had before.

I take my eyes off of him and scan the room once more, this time hoping to find James.  Even from a distance, this boy's staring is making me very uncomfortable, it’s very unsettling.  After not finding any sign of James I turned my bar stool around.  Taking another sip of my beer staring off into space waiting for the return of my boyfriend so we can go home.  After about five minutes I feel nervous all the sudden.  The hair on the back of my neck begins to stand up and shivers are sent down my spine.  The boy who had been staring form across the room is now at my left, ordering a drink from the bar.  There is something about him that makes me uncomfortable.  He takes his drinks and takes a seat next to me, not saying anything.  I continuously take sips of my beer, trying to distract myself until my beer is eventually gone.  Then the boy slides another beer towards me.  It’s the same kind he is drinking and the same kind I was drinking before, coincidence? I think now.

He slides the glass a little closer to me, his lips pressed in a firm line, judging my reaction.  I quickly shove the beer back at him, shaking my head no.  He takes a sip of his beer before speaking up.  "I'm Zayn."

"Katherine...” I say and then I realize his hand is extended.  I then see the tattoo's he has covering his arms.  Some in color, some in black and grey.  Some have and obvious meaning, while others have a rather hidden, deeper meaning.  All the tattoos unsettle me even more.  His mysterious, and gives off a dangerous vibe.  Despite my precautions, I extend my hands, shaking his.  His grip is firm and his hands are cold, like he had just been holding ice.  They are unusually cold.  I quickly bring my hand back from his and place it in my lap.

He then gave me a quick glare and left.  His eyes seemed apologetic, but also playful.  He was mysterious.  No other words were exchanged.  He just told me his name, got up from the stool next to me, and wandered back through the crown.  I watched him walk back through the crown and exit out the back door leading to the alley way.  No one was paying much attention to him, except for me of course.  I had been watching him ever since he left me curiously sitting here.  Then I figured that was his intention, make me want to know more, make me want to follow him, but I won't move from this bar stool.  I will wait for James to return.  As I wait and wait, for about 30 more minutes all I think about is him, Zayn.  Why had he approached me and what was so off about him?  My thoughts were interrupted by James stocking angrily toward me.  He looked enraged.  As he got closer I could see the dry blood on his forehead and lip.  His eye was swollen and bruised.  From the looks of it he had just been in a fight.  A fight that he had just lost.  Raging with fury, he forcefully grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the club.  He was angry, gripping me so hard that I would have bruised in the form of his hand along my forearm.  We exited the club and he threw me against the car throwing the keys at me.  He hopped in the passenger seat while yelling at me to get in the car and start driving. Fast.  I did as I was told, no argument, no protest, I knew better than to anger James even more.  We pulled up the driveway and he marched into the house.  Still raging with anger, I quietly walked behind him in the door, closing it behind me and in a matter of seconds my back was thrown against the door.  His right hand was clasped around my neck choking my.  His face was in mine as he asked, "Do you know what happened tonight?!"

"No...” I managed to gasp.  His hand was beginning to cut off my breathing.

He began to explain in a rather surprised, angry, and sarcastic tone, "I was in the back alley, having a smoke when a guy approached me.  He had dark hair, with frilly, girly, blonde streak in his hair," Then it registered in my mind that the guy was Zayn, the man I had met probably only minutes before.  "He stuck out his hand to introduce himself and as I went to shake his hand, he punched me right in the eye.  I was shocked; I was also stumped wondering why this guy had the nerve to attack me.  I fought back though, swinging and punching him in the ribs, stomach, and face.  Eventually he had me pinned against a wall.  This was very unlikely Katherine, you understand.  I haven't been challenged in a year and I've never lost, not even close, but this man... he took me by surprise, but then I said something that made me think of you.

James had loosened his grip on me only a little and I swallowed, in fear of what Zayn's reasoning for challenging James was.  The reason obviously angered him even more than being attacked.  The James continued and told me what he said.  "He asked me, 'How does it feel to be backed up against a wall, helpless.  You can't scream because they'll laugh at you.  You can't run because you'll be considered a pussy.  This is a taste of your own medicine.  This is what you do to her isn't it.  Make her feel helpless.  Take all of your anger on her and then make her believe she can't go anywhere else.  Well James, you continue to hurt her and I'll take care of you myself.'  At first Katherine, I was rather perplexed, rather curious to what he was talking about, but then a little thought popped into my head.  That her he was referring to, it was you.  So now I'm going to do exactly to you what he did to me to you...”

And that's exactly what James did.  He threw me against the wall even harder than he had just a few minutes ago.  His forearm was now rested on my neck pinning me to the wall and then he punched me in the face, knocking me on the ground.  He picked me up again, this time by the hair and continued the beating.  He punched me, kicked me, pulled my hair, and threw me around, like I was a rag doll.  He beat me exactly how he explained Zayn beating him, except James was angrier now so this beating was far more worse that he received.  I feel helpless.  I can't scream, it will just anger him more.  I can't leave him because I have nowhere to go.  The beating continued and continued for what seemed like hours, I didn't think he would stop, but eventually he did, knocking me out.

I woke up.  The lights all off and James nowhere in sight.  I'm still lying on the hardwood floor of the entry hall into our house.  As I stand on my feet, the pain becomes unbearable.  My ribs are sore, my heading is pounding and the room seems to be spinning.  As I slowly walk, more like hobble past the kitchen, I catch the time... It's 3:30 am.  I go to the bathroom to assess the damage James had just inflicted on my.  My lip is swollen and bleeding.  A black eyed has formed on my left my eye.  My head is gashed open with a streak of dry blood running down the side of my face.  I lift my shirt and see multiple bruises all along my sides and ribs from being punched.  My throat is still red from being chocked.  My arms also have bruises.  Despite all the damage I slowly walk to the bedroom and walk to the bed.  James is sleeping and I slowly slip into the bed beside him, making sure not to wake him, because that's another beating I could not handle.

I can't sleep because all I can do is think.  I thought tonight was going okay.  I didn't think he would hit me tonight, but like always something fires a spark in him and he goes on rampage.  Tonight the reason was rather different though.  It wasn't me not pleasing him or someone trying to hit on me that angered him.  It was a confrontation, a threat, about me.  The threat coming from the boy at the bar I had met only minutes before.  A threat regarding my safety form an absolute stranger.  Somehow the boy, Zayn, knew about James.  He knew he beat me bad harmed me physically and emotionally, but I never told him, I never told anyone.  So now the main questions are How does Zayn know me, James and our situation and why, of all people does he care what happens to me.



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