Your Life, Your Voice, Your Reason To Be

Hi Everyone!!!! This is my new fanfic that I'm just starting. I will be posting this in other places too. I have a twitter and wattpad account for it. I want to promote my story in as much places as possibe. So become a fan, like, favorite, comment, do anything! just let me know what you think, any opinion you have would be nice to hear!
anyways let me know what you think of it, I'd really appreciate some feedback. I realize this is supposed to be like a summary of the story but oh well!!! cause in all honesty I'm not sure what I'm doing with this story yet.

follow me on...

Twitter: fanficcentral13

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and I will let you know of any other accounts that i create later on!

Thanks Xx


12. Author's Note

Announcement 1:

Summer has just started for me, yay!!!  This also means vacation time!!!! I won't update for probably another two weeks.  I'm starting soccer year round in a week or so.  Practices won't be to long or anything, but it will keep me busy.  The next few weeks for me will be busy ones! I'm going to a concert this weekend!!!! No.. sadly it's not a one direction concert :( but it's for The Maine!!! :) They're one of my favorites.. Most people have not idea who they are though, but they just released a new album called Forever Halloween and it's amazing!  I'm also leaving for a vacation to go house boating for a week!!! Then I have to go to a graduation in southern California and I will be there for a couple of nights.  I will be without wifi for almost a week and a half, so that is the reason for no updates, but don't worry,  when I get back, I'll do my best to make chapter 11 a good long entertaining one!!!!

Announcement 2:

I have an idea for a new fanfic!!! Or atleast I think that's a good thing.  I'm turning a situation in my life into a story and I want to expand on it a little bit, I have a few pages typed on Microsoft word for it, and I think this might be a good one if I actually put my time and effort into it.  I'm having some trouble deciding whether or not I should have the main character be like one of you guys, I'd use your name and physical and personality traits, or should I create the character myself.... yikes.. decisions, decisions!!!!

but I will keep you updated!!!



please keep commenting on this story, I'd love if I could get 500 reads by the time I update it next and maybe be on a few more favorite lists and get a couple more likes!

Follow me on twitter, share this link for the fanfic, I want as much people to read it as possible and give me their honest feedback... I would surely appreciate it!!!!

Bye lovies!  Xx :)

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