[Mock-Fiction] III - In Amore et Bellum

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Protest piece. Third in the series after 'I - Requiescat in Pace' & 'II - Memento Mori'. Enjoy x

Cover by Secrets Unfold


14. Twelve - The Mercenaries Want Hugs

Richard wondered how no one was able to notice their arrival at the docks. Okay, so fine the gulls were making some noise, and ships docked here all the time, and the fish market was rife with customers this morning – but that didn’t change the fact. The Tardis looked ancient! It stuck out like a peacock in a hen house!

“It’s invisible,” said Vesp, reading his thoughts [literally], “They can’t see or hear us.”

“But how is that possible?” asked Richard.

“The same way it’s possible to jump into other dimensions,” Vesp brought up his hands and wriggled his fingers, “Magic,” he laughed, “No, something to do with sound waves, and ultra colors that are invisible to the human eye. Rogue could probably explain it to you – being the physics geek she is – but the point is its doing the job. Let’s just hope she’s here. We can’t stay invisible forever.”


“Should we send out a scout?”
“Yes, Richard, we should send out someone. They won’t be noticed when they just appear out of thin air.”

“Fine, let’s send out someone conspicuous. They can… er, swim to the fish-market over there, and then just stand around and wait for Rogue to find them.”

“Do you see the filth in that water? Someone who swims in that is bound to die.”

“Well, we have to do something!”


“You could just send me.”


The two men turned to see Myra, standing on-deck, looking quite smug.

“No,” said Richard, smirking, “You’re too beautiful, tesora. Everyone will stop and stare.”

Myra kissed him lightly on the cheek, “I hate you,” she said.

“As usual,” replied Richard, a wry smile playing on his lips.

“There!” said Vesp.


He pointed at a figure in black apparel, hood up, walking seemingly with purpose.

“That’s it! That’s her!” said Vesp.

“How do you know?” asked Richard.

“How many times, Richard? I’m psychic!!” Vesp replied, waving his arms in the air, “We have to get her aboard this ship.”

“But you just said–”

“Oh, screw what I said! Send one of the mercenaries! Myra or someone else. Khadir! Rogue likes Khadir, send him.”

“He’s going to appear out of no where!”

“The Arabs have always appeared out of no where!”

“That was a genie…”

“Whatever. Send him out!”


Khadir, hearing all the commotion and his name being stated over a dozen times, strode up to the scene and asked Myra for an explanation. She conversed with him in Arabic for a moment. He nodded and made his way off of the ship.

“Why don’t they speak English?” muttered Richard.

“Rogue celebrates language. Speaking English is not a requirement for the mercenaries, but it’s essential for her to learn their languages,” explained Myra, “It also helps keep the different sets of mercenaries focused on their tasks. She has to give instructions over and over, in like fifteen different languages, but it’s worth it in the end.”


Rogue recognized Khadir immediately. She leapt on him and yelled million things in Arabic. Myra smiled.

Rogue said, “Himaar! Wherethehellhaveyoubeen? I’vebeenwalkingaroundhereforages! IfIhadn’tmissedyousomuch,I’dkillyou! Wherearetheothers? Andwhatareyouwearing? Yourownmotherwouldn’tdressyouthisbadly!!”

Khadir just smiled and said, “I’m glad to see you too, amiranaa.”

He led her towards the ship. Not many people noticed them. Apparently, it was perfectly normal for a person to go crazy when they recognized someone they hadn’t seen in such a long time.


Rogue boarded the ship and the mercenaries – tall, broad, bearded men – suddenly looked like they all wanted a hug.

But hugs were a very one-time thing for Rogue.

She laughed at their faces, and they all seemed to cheer up after that. Richard, Myra and Vesp greeted her, and she explained everything that had happened since her abduction whilst sitting on the floor.

 It’s like a Friday Khutbah, thought Khadir, She speaks in so many languages so everyone can understand.


Vesp was about to set sail for home when Rogue stopped him.

“There are a few things that need clearing up,” she said, “I have a list of fourteen assassination targets. The Brotherhood here needs to be rebuilt, so that they can take power. Didn’t you hear? Choudary got burnt at the stake today. Call me evil, but I went to see it. Smith was hosting it for a while, but then he left.”

“Wait, you saw Lodovico Smith and you didn’t kill him?!” said Richard.

“Keep your hood on, Skippy, it’s not like I can just throw a dagger between his eyes and go unnoticed! I think I’ve been in enough trouble since I got here, thanks. Besides, the guy did me a favor getting rid of that no-good bi… uh, cow.”

“Continue with your report…”

“I have one last score to settle before I head for home. Don’t worry, I won’t be long.”


Rogue gave a name to each of the mercenaries, and saved the final for Khadir. She said, “Khadir… see if you can get this one alive. She’s… uh, I promised to make a compromise for her.”

Khadir shook his head, “Promise? With a khadhaab?”

“I know, I know. But I had to get her name, and this was the compromise.”

Khadir shrugged, “Ma fi mushkila, whatever you wish.”


Satisfied, Rogue stepped into a cabin in the ship, rested for a while and headed out to hunt down her prey.

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