Your Eyes- Irresistable

When Zayn Malik finds the girl for him, he has to disguise himself so she doesnt get crazy that he's himself. Then, when he finally gets her, something happens.


2. Talking

Me and Lilly talked for about maybe 3 hours, and walking. It was fun, just me and her, because she didn't freak out over anything.

"so Lilly, where are you from?" I asked into her charming eyes.

"Just a little town in Australia. Ya know, I am only in London right now because my uncle is sick."

"Sorry to hear that," I said.

"Not your fault, don't worry." She said with a smile. damn that smile.

I looked over and Louis was pointing to his arm, trying to say we had to go.

"Well, meet me for dinner tomorrow at 6?" I asked


I was just about to walk away when U stopped her.

"Oh and Lilly.."

"yeah Austin?"
"Heres my number." I said reaching out.

She smiled the smile that melted ny heart.

sorry so short guys I just wanted to update!

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