Typing those words.

Please note that the people in this and the story itself are not real.
I hope this story will help to show how terrible cyber bullying is.


2. 2

"Cara get of the computer now!"  mum shouted.   "uurgh" i groaned and slammed the lid down on the computer i guessed it would of had to of done for the day.



The next day.


"Didn't answer last night did you?" smirked Chloe strutting along with her two best friends Charlotte and Andrea with  twin look on there faces. She smacked me round the face just as the bell went "Be on, 8:30" she said a dark look on her face. We parted our ways going off to our forms.


I knew what she wanted, i thought as i pushed my way through the waves of people in the corridors. Assembly was first thing, huge groan.Deadly  Mrs Dyna did the assembly we all sat down not so quietly, phones buzzing people talking through gritted teeth. "QUIET!" Mrs Dyna shouted silencing at least half the hall. Not my half. "SHUT UP" it didn't work. She sighed deeply and began talking "Reasently there has been a few abusive fights on Facebook" a few more people silenced "We have a few ideas about who these GIRLS might be" We will be taking action by monitoring these two people. Chloe turned round and did a mocking fake surprised look. My phone vibrated in my hand, it was Chloe i read the message: Get Tori's log in detail and use them!    

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