Typing those words.

Please note that the people in this and the story itself are not real.
I hope this story will help to show how terrible cyber bullying is.


1. 1

I had to be smarter than her,say the worst. 

Chloe was my worst enemy and i wasn't going to let her stand in my way. I typed the words, a stupid smug look on my face. To me, joining a social networking site was the best thing. Until Chloe

got my login details of a girl she interrogated, Chloe would stop at nothing to make my life a misery.

But i tried not to let her see it. At the minute she was commenting on my hair. 


"Do you wash your hair mud, lol, she put.  Three people liked that. I drummed my nails angrily on the laptop desperate for something to say to make her feel bad, i replied, "Just go away and dye" i replied. I felt powerful and at that time, i was.

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