A One Direction Story...

A tear escapes his eyes, and as he looks out at the crowd in front of him, he finds her...he smiles and continues...


27. When things were good, what happened?

Zayn's P.O.V:

I arrived at Perrie's house and saw her pacing back and forth. 

'' Zayn...I can explain!!''

'' There is no explanation...who's the father of your child?'' I ask, trying to calm my anger from flowing in this room. Perrie looked down in shame.

'' Zayn, I never meant for-''

'' So you're cheating on me?''

'' Yes, I mean no! I lov-''

'' Sure you do! Listen I can't love you more than this now! You meant my entire world!''

'' And you did too! Zayn just listen...''

'' I'm listening.''

'' It's not like I ever meant to upset you or anything like that...'' She mumbled the whole time while I was staring at my phone in sadness. 

    Hey buddy,

            Since I'm your Best Friend and you're my mate, I decided that I need to tell you this. I'm fine with you dating Perrie, who is way older than you, but I'm not fine when she's dating you and behind your back she's cheating on you. I know how happy you are with her. I'm so sorry. If I hadn't told you this you would have figured this later anyways. Jessy told me that she has seen Perrie take pictures with other guys and leave you alone. My conclusion came that I had to tell you she MIGHT be cheating on you. Okay, this is confusing...you'll understand later. Please don't cry. I love you too you know :P. XxLouis

'' Zayn are you even listening! This is hopeless!''

'' Are you cheating on me? Please say the truth.''

'' Zayn, it's not like that.''

'' Then? Explain again..''

'' Okay, I'm gonna shorten the story since it's really long.''

'' Go ahead, just tell me what happened.''

'' So my friends and I went to the bar. Eventually, I got drunk and I guess you know the rest.''

- Awkward silence-

'' Listen Zayn, if you're mad at me I understand. I mean I would break up with you if you did that.''

'' So you won't believe me?''

'' No! It's not what I meant!''

'' Perrie! I need some space for a few months. Just don't call me until I get over it.'' I say as I walk out the door towards my car.  

'' No good-bye kiss?''

'' No...I need some space!'' I shout.

'' Well at least a hug! or a-''

'' Good bye Perrie.'' I say as I drive away. I hear her screaming my name, but I try as hard as I can to ignore it. Does this mean our relationship is over? I don't know. I'm really mad at her and I don't want to talk to her. 

Liam's P.O.V:

'' Salma?''

'' Yes babe?''

I chuckle, '' since when do you say babe?''

'' Uhh...now?'' 

'' Aha!'' She gives me the death glare and I act as if I'm afraid. She smiles, best feeling when you make a girl smile, right?

'' What do you think Danielle is doing now?'' I ask, I feel so secure and safe talking to her.

'' Trying to think of a way to kill you and take revenge, what else?'' She says calmly. I give a shocked expression. No, that can't be true!

'' - Or just dancing? or crying over you.'' She says. I sigh, I guess she's right. Anyways when Danielle broke up with me I cried, she didn't, I think. So maybe now it's reversed. 

'' Liam, you know the girls and I are you're biggest fans right?''

'' I remember when Zeina fainted, so I can tell. Your point?''

'' You said you could date a fan right?''

'' Yes! Definitely!''

'' Oh'' She replies, was that it? No there's gotta be more. 

'' Yea, so I was thinking...'' I lean in and kiss her, right on the lips. Knowing her, she blushed. After we broke the kiss, not that I wanted it to end...she backed away after only a minute, there was silence.

'' Sorry'' She says innocently.

'' It's not your fault! I think I'm in love with you, and all your little things.'' I sing while smiling. 

'' I can't believe this is really happening!'' She smiles.'' All our life we've been dreaming about meeting you guys and doing all these other things. People just laughed at us and said in your dreams- Is this a dream?''

'' No, I'm glad it isn't. Even if it is, when I wake up, I will search the whole world and take up my entire life just to meet you.''  I say. 

'' I wish I can do the same, it's easy to find your location but it won't be easy to meet you from the rest of the fans.''

'' I'll let you off with my trick. If this is a dream, please buy a back stage ticket, even if you have no money, I'll pay it all back for you. Tell me this following sentence:' I've met you before, in yours and my dream. We kissed and met each others friends. I missed you and searched everywhere for you. I came here to tell you I love you so much, I hope you remember me. I'm in love with you, and all your little things.'' I say, she smiles and a tear escapes her eyes. 

'' You're so sweet, I can never imaging you as a bad guy, I love you Liam!''

'' I know, I can tell.'' I say giving her a kiss. 


A/N: Sorry I took so long to update, I was sooooooooo busy. I need to work extra hard this semester so I can only upload in weekends. I'll try this week though. Thanks...and hope you like it. P.S: Salma and Zeina, I had so much fun with you today!!! My one direction henna is amazing! I'm really mad at my parents for not allowing me to dance in the pakistani culture with you know who... XD I wanted to get on stage! And i would have! ;P Love you...

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