A One Direction Story...

A tear escapes his eyes, and as he looks out at the crowd in front of him, he finds her...he smiles and continues...


28. Weird Way of Agreeing to Things

Jessy's P.O.V:

'' Zeina...geez...get over it! I'm sorry and no offense, but you're getting on my nerves!'' I say. Louis gives me the glare telling me to shut up, the not now glare. Fine. I'm leaving! I walk away from them.

'' Jessy!!! I swear if you don't come back I won't speak to you!'' Zeina screams.

'' Jessy! Get your butt here!! We're not yet done!'' Louis shouts.

I walk at a steady pace then start running away. How would you feel if your friend was crying for ages! I was bored! Okay...I was rude, but I'm not going back. I walk as quick as possible, not looking up. Suddenly, I bump into someone. I was too busy thinking were I might be now since I was walking without looking where I was heading too...stupid me! 

'' Well hello there Jessy, fancy seeing you in a place like this.''

I look around and notice it's more like a jungle in this area, weird and cool huh? I turn my attention at the speaker. I freeze.

'' Well, didn't your parents learn you to say hello to people!'' 

'' No to you...''

'' Or might it be you bad influenced friends that turn you like this.''

'' Leave them out of this!''

'' Wow! You finally got your temper back! Haven't seen it come out like this in ages!''


''-well at least your eyes are still the same, did I ever tell you you look good in red eyes?''

'' No and I don't need your opinion, where are your friends anyways? I thought you had people who treated you like a dog, turned out you were one!''

'' Really funny...''

'' Yes, that's why I'm laughing.''

'' You're not.''

'' Ugh. Just go with it!''

'' Fine...anyways, why are you so mean to me? What have I ever done wrong? If I got drugged by Alexis, you shouldn't blame it on me!''

''*sigh* You're right, but I would never forgive you!''

'' Well, I'm sorry!!!''

'' Fine, I forgive you.''

'' Best Friends?''

'' Forever!''

'' By the way, you should forget about your friends, they don't care about you. I've had a talk with them.''

'' Really?''

'' Why would I lie to you? I'm your BFF.''

'' It's not like you, Judy, to lie.''

'' Aww honey, in that case lets pay them back with a hard visit.''

'' K''

'' Here's the plan!'' 


'' Ummm...but I don't want this to happen Judy, I'm still young!''

'' You're doing it whether you like it or not. You don't have a choice!'' 

'' Fine!''

'' I'll leave you from here, get ready okay! Remember, you can ALWAYS trust me! It won't hurt you much.''

'' Fine.'' I sigh. 

- Walks over back to were they Louis and Zeina were sitting-

'' Sorry!'' I apologize

'' It's not your fault babe.'' Louis replies instantly.

I sit down next to Louis, leaving Zeina on the other side. 

'' Jessy, I'm really sorry!'' 

'' Ain't your fault Zeina.''

Okay time to play along the plan. Should I go with it? Maybe he doesn't like me? No! Remember what Judy said. Make him fall for you. Game on!

'' Hey Louis, I love your hair and your sweet-natured side. I love the way how your always funny and everything.'' I say, leaning my head on his shoulder. He smiles.

'' Well, I love you!''

'' really?''

'' Yes, I love you as much as Niall loves his food!'' 

I fake giggle, causing him to smile. But Judy! I love Louis in real life, I don't want to break his heart when ... happens! It's too late now anyways. I can get some attention then.

'' Prove it. I know how much you guys like to play games Louis. I'm going to hate you if you say this is real and then you say it's a joke. Like the other boy players who are really cu-'' Louis leans in and kisses me.

'' Enjoy life when you can. Stop thinking of all the bad things happening. Don't care what others think of you! Remember, I care about you! I love YOU!!'' He smiles.

'' I thought you loved Eleanor?'' 

'' No, I had a massive crush on you ever since I met you at the signings. Your eyes were extremely beautiful! The way they change color and all. I wanted you to be mine! Suddenly and sadly I remembered I was dating Eleanor, I didn't want to break her heart. But now, I'm glad you admitted you love me.''

I can't do this anymore. I'm going to tell him how I feel about him, honestly.

'' Before I saw your face when Salma introduced me to One Direction, she said ' and Louis is the funny one and the leader.' That's when I knew I would like you best! I love you for your personality and everything. Your my best best best crush I've ever had!'' Shimata!(= Shi* in Japanese :p) Did I just say the truth! Fudgeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

''Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....it's true Lou!'' Zeina says, when was she here. Oh, I remember. Aha

''Let's go back home.'' Louis says. Damn! No I can't! I can't! I'll- I'll...Too late...I'm being dragged by Louis. I slip my hand out of his and run to the front. No!! He can't die! Not him and Zeina. When I jumped in front of Louis and Zeina, I pushed them back as hard as I could. Making sure they were safe, I walked back to them. Too Late again! I heard a car coming closer and closer, really quickly! AND-AND-AND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A/N: Leaving this for next chapter! :P Enjoy...

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