A One Direction Story...

A tear escapes his eyes, and as he looks out at the crowd in front of him, he finds her...he smiles and continues...


32. Up Up and awa- hold on...I mean 'and down again.'

'' HALLO!'' a cheery chirp made us all startle.

'' Don't scare us like that!'' Salma says, hugging my brother.

'' Oh my god! You're One Direction!'' Joe screams, and rushing to shake hands with Louis. Louis looks over at me and smiles. 

'' Yes, yes we are.''

'' My sister and her friends are crazy over you! Thnak you for wasting her time on you than fighting with me! You're the best! Oh and I am a fan of you guys too, weird, but you guys drive my sister crrrraaaaaaaaazyyy!'' Joe says, in a squeaky manner, chirping when hitting the high notes/words. Louis smiles and laughs.

'' I think we'll get well along.'' He says.

'' Well, little bro, what made you come here?'' I ask. He runs over and hugs me. I push him off. Louis interrupts saying I can go out of the hospital. I happily brain dance, thought I wish I could.

'' I heard someone in here was dating the blonde guy. I think his name was Niall.''

'' Good boy, you remember me.'' Niall says placing a hand on my brothers shoulder. 

'' So you figured. Salma's also with Liam, right? and Jessy and Loui-'' Joanne says, being cut off by Louis.

'' are dating. Isn't that right Jessy?'' Louis asks. I nod happily.

'' OH MY GAWD!!! THAT WAS THEIR DREAM!!! YOU SEE JESSY, SALMA, AND JOANNE GOT THEIR BOYS!'' Joe screams. Zeina looks at him in a weird manner, causing him to turn white.

'' So Zayn is still with the purple lady?'' Zeina nods sadly, poor girl. 

'' I think I might propose.'' Zayn says happily. Zeina looks at him angrily, uh-oh. She holds her hand high in the air and slaps him hard on the face. 

'' All my life I wanted to be with you! I go crazy for you! Perrie will never love you half as much as I love you! Why don't you get it? I have feelings for you and I'm your biggest fan! Perrie's pregnant not with your child and you still want to marry her! Besides, she's older than you! She has purple hair, and last but not least, she's a fake! She puts too much make up on. You should open your eyes Zayn! She is only using you to become famous! Why can't you see it! Her and he little devious band, little mix, are planning on this! And they said they want to become more famous than One Direction!''

Zayn looks at her completely shocked.

'' So you want me to be with you?''

'' Wha- I mean I love you, so yes!''

'' Why do you love me? Is it because I'm a famous, good-looking guy?'' 

'' No.''

''Proove it! I want someone to love me for who I am Zeina, why don't you get it. Perrie loves m-''

'' She doesn't! Choose a girl properly next time, open your eyes!'' And with that they both storm out of the room and go in different directions, leaving us gobsmacked. I glance over at Joanne, who wants to burst up laughing. Mistakedly I do. They all give me the death glare.

'' She learned well from her master in convincing people.'' I say happily. 

'' Was it true? What she said?'' Liam asks, placing his arm around Salma. 

'' Every bit of it. I remember every time someone said they loved Zayn, she would chase them around the compound holding her shoe until she gets hold of them. Then she would start screaming that Zayn is hers. She never had enough of him. When he cries, she cries.'' I say

'' I'll talk to him.'' Harry insists.

'' No you sit down and rest. You shouldn't move after what you saw. Niall and I will go.'' Liam says. Harry nods and closes his eyes, I shake him up. 

'' Don't sleep now!'' I groan. ''Louis can you help me get out of here please? Liam meet us all at our house.'' 

'' No, I wanna go back to our house, I miss it! You can come with us.'' Harry says solemnly.

'' Yea man, I miss that place too.'' Louis says. Liam nods.

'' So it's our place then, yay at least I can regain my appetite!'' Niall chirps. And with that they take off.

'' May I help you.'' Says a nurse walking in here. 

'' As a matter of fact you can.'' Harry says.

'' What my friend here is trying to tell you is we want to leave this place, so can you help her.'' Louis says.

'' Sure, so let me get the wheel chair...hop on, there you go.''

'' Thanks.'' I say.

'' Which room is this? Oh room 69, okay thanks you can go now.'' 

Harry bursts out laughing for what seemed ages. Zeina and Zayn have not returned yet. I wonder what's taking them so long. 

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