A One Direction Story...

A tear escapes his eyes, and as he looks out at the crowd in front of him, he finds her...he smiles and continues...


12. The talk...about her

In a few minutes I was done, thanks to Louis' help. He's so adorable! Okay...I'm a bit too crazy and he would never fall for someone like me, but he's so cute! So we had to cook everything from the beginning!

'' What are we cooking?''

'' umm...let's pop popcorn, bake a cake in the shape of a brain, pizza cupcakes, ice cream, and hot chocolate!'' I say

'' Sure, okay...except let me handle using the oven''

''Don't worry'' 

After getting all those ready, we wait for the cake to finish, not daring to leave the room again!

'' So, who was that girl you where with?'' 

Should I trust him?

'' Her name is Judy, she used to be a close friend of mine...until...''


A tear rolls  down my face re-calling that face when she betrayed me...how could she!

'' A few years ago, we were really close friends, she always used to hang out with us, she used to talk about this group of cool girls and boys saying how much she hated them...One day, Judy was not at our lunch table, we thought she was absent or so..., The next day she wasn't at our lunch table too! We thought she left the country until one day I saw her, hanging out with them...She went up to me and spat at me...she looked like the sort of weaklings but when someone does that to me...they're in trouble, so I walked straight up to her and boxed her right in the face, everyone laughed at her. The next day she was kicked out of that group, she had no one now. Judy was furious. She wanted revenge in the worst possible way ever. She went up to my best friend, Khalid, and tried to make him like her. When she succeeded, she called him in the middle of the night saying that her house was being robbed. He rushed over to help her...but...she...killed...him. It was all a joke. She was taken to jail and that's when the doctors said that she was being drugged by a girl, named Alexis...Judy has been in jail, until today. I don't know who got her out of there or even why she came back! What more possibly does she wan-'' My voice trailed off...

''So now what's bothering you?'' he asks.

'' She's a directioner, I think she knows that I met you...and...she might-,'' 

'' might?''

'' Never believe a word anyone tells you!'' I shout out. What did I just say? seriously Jessy! What an idiot...

'' Anyone? not even you?'' He teases

'' Just forget what I just said''




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