A One Direction Story...

A tear escapes his eyes, and as he looks out at the crowd in front of him, he finds her...he smiles and continues...


31. Ring a ring a roses...'We all fall down.'

'' It's too late Eleanor...'' He replies

'' You know what's too late!? I'll tell you what's too late...ask Harry what happened to Mariam when he comes in- oh there he is.'' She says grinning, pointing at Harry who came rushing in the door panting, with Niall and Joanne after him with shocked expressions. Salma enters hurriedly with a sad look on her face. 

'' Wha-''

'' She's Gone! Gone I tell you! G-O-N-E!''

'' Who Harry, who?''

'' M-M-m-Mariam!'' He says, grabbing me by my shoulders and rocking me back and forth. 

'' Harry calm down, here come sit next to me and explain to us what fully happened.'' I say, scooting over for Harry to sit down. 

'' We weren't keeping a close eye on them, we were busy eating our ice-creams, but we heard a crash!"' Joanne interrupts.

'' Okay, we were walking to get to the other side of the road...No wait..the walking signal was red, but there was no one on the road. Mariam wanted to cross to the other side but I told her to wait. She didn't listen..Then-then this big car came out of no where a-a-and c-c-crashed her. She was dead.'' He says, shaking from head to toe. I nod, he warned her but she went off. My god she's so stubborn. She got what she deserved. What the hell am I thinking..she still was your best friend Jessy! Okay..

'' Well... what happened next?'' Zeina asks, trying to calm down.

'' Her funeral is the day after tomorrow.'' Harry stutters.

'' Jessy, why are you so calm? Your best friend died!'' Salma screams.

'' Maybe now is not the best time to panic...'' I shrug.

'' Jessy, snap out of it!'' Niall scolds.

'' Okay Okay.'' I say. My face turns into a sad face, then I burst out crying...I can't help it! She was a great friend!

'' There there.'' Louis says, hugging me and patting me on the back. 

'' No- this cannot be- Eleanor you freak!'' I scream at Eleanor who was listening to our conversation. 

'' Harry, you said Mariam got run over by a car?'' Eleanor asks suspiciously. Harry nods while giving her a look of disgust.

'' By a car! Oh my god! That was not supposed to happen! Mariam was supposed to faint after smelling the- This was not the plan! Lou, you gotta believe me! I swear that was not me!'' Eleanor moans. Louis just walks up to her and shoves her right out the door. 

'' No now.'' He says before shutting the door. 

Salma's P.O.V:

No! Why did she have to die now! Why Mariam? I hate you so much! I can feel myself in a puddle of tears. Liam walks up to me and hugs me for a really long time. My sobbing goes on for an hour or so. 

'' Calm down. Drink a lot of water or else you'll be dehydrated.'' Liam says while passing me a cup of water. I hesitate to drink any drop of it. Liam just opens my mouth and pours water inside. I choke for a bit.

'' You needed it.'' He says, giving me a kiss on the cheek. I smile wearily. 

'' Jessy, are you my girlfriend?'' Louis asks. I look up, well this might take my mind off.


'' Jessy?''


'' Jessy, answer me.''

 Jessy leans back and closes her eyes.  Harry leans his head on her shoulder. I can tell Louis getting really jelous.

'' I want to go home.'' She finally replies

'' You can't.''

'' I want to go home now!''

'' Je-''

'' Take me out of this place! I don't need all this! I'm fine! God!''

'' Fine, I'll ask the nurse.'' Louis says getting up to leave. I turn over to look at Joanne. She looks so sad, but she's not crying. Oh, I forgot Joanne never shows her feelings, she's good at hiding them. Oh how I wish I had that personality. Niall is sitting next to her, holding her hand. I guess Joanne is shocked. Zeina looks sad in a way. Not desperately sad, just sad. She never was close to Mariam anyways, she was better off with Jessy. As for me, I'm better off with Joanne. But us 4 get along easily, that's the good thing. Zayn has drops of tears in his eyes. He's trying his best not to show them, he has an arm around Zeina! My god how cute! A tingly feeling hits me, why am I feeling like this? Am I really sad that Mariam passed away? Or is it just that-



A/N: Srry i didn't post for a really long time! If it wasn't for Zeina and Salma to update I wouldn't have updated. Truth is I wrote this chapter but I forgot to publish it! LOL! :

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