A One Direction Story...

A tear escapes his eyes, and as he looks out at the crowd in front of him, he finds her...he smiles and continues...


35. Party of Doom 2


*re-calling last chapter* '' Harry don't!'' I screamed when it hit me. M...Mystery... ________________________________________________________________________________________________________


I tried my best to catch up to him, but I couldn't. His speed was faster than the sound of lightening and even faster than sound waves! I rushed to see Harry standing in the middle of an old house, holding something. I looked around. I examined the place. It was a really dark, creepy place. No place in history was ever this quiet. The only sound that was hear was Harry breathing deeply, my soft gasps, and the sound of water trickling and a few drops. A gush of wind blew my hair on my face. Harry turned to me, half crying half mad. 


'' What's this?'' He asked handing me a doll. I stared at it at horror before flipping it. My heart beats quicker as I flip it. I try to holler but I couldn't. 

'' Aghast huh?'' Harry asks in a drunk manner. '' You know...I never thought there would be something like that.'' He says in a drunk-chuckle way.

'' Harry let's go.'' I say clutching onto his arm. He stumbles a bit. As I throw the doll away it makes a noise, a weird laughing noise that's really high-pitched. The chucky doll faces me and starts moving it's jaw.

'' Hehheheheehehe...Did I scare you?''  I shriek and start pushing Harry, who's really stunned at the moment. Suddenly a person dressed in black, 2 actually, pop up in front of us.

'' Hey, I'm camouflaged, can you guess who?'' Says one of the black-dressed person while taking me into a grip trying to choke me. I push her and slap her.

'' How could you? You scared the living hell out of me?'' 

'' I'm a genius.'' She says.

'' More like an evil god of genius'' I murmur. They take off their masks, revealing a hysterically-laughing Jessy and a chuckling Louis.

'' So how great was this joke? From a scale of 1 to 10? We did a great job didn't we?'' Louis questions.

''This place is actually creepy huh?'' Jessy exclaims while shivering. Louis places an arm around her shoulder. That's when her phone rings...


'' ...''

''anyone there?''


'' Okay bye!''

*hangs off*

'' Who was that!?!'' I ask curiously.

'' I don't know.'' She replies. This time my phone beeps.

          Hey asshole, 

           wanna know who I am? meet me at your house...

'' Let's go home?'' Louis says.

'' How about no!'' Harry says calmly, ''we still haven't got the party things.''

'' It's fine! Let's just go quickly.'' I say, shivering. The walk back home was slow and quiet. What was I going to expect when I walk inside...what if it was only Zayn? Or M for Mariam!?! What if she's still alive?!!? I look up at everyone, then at Jessy who's turning the door handle...The door opens, it felt like a door who has been locked for centuries. An enormous gush of wind hits my face, cold air...really cold air...I look inside the house trying to maintain my cowardliness...



''And then what happened? So...who was M?'' Louis asks me. I smile.

'' I don't really know...'' 

'' WHAT!!!! YOU WANT TO KILL ME!'' He jokes. I laugh.

'' It's not that...I woke up before the dream ended, though I wish it was real.'' I sigh, Louis smiles as he hands me back my book which he has signed. 

'' I wish I could meet every one of you...keep dreaming.''

'' Well, have fun...I'm so glad I met you! You are my most favorite idol!''

'' You never know....look there...'' He whispers in my ear, pointing at Joanne who was now with Niall, they looked like they were having fun. Then we looked over at Zeina, she has fainted....I smile.

'' What a dream!'' I say.

'' What moody eyes babe! Keep dreaming love..oh and please call ME today...'' He says handing me his number.

'' Sure thing!'' I say...

'' We're gonna turn this dream to life!'' He yells after me, I giggle and wave back. 





'' Okay sure thing!

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