A One Direction Story...

A tear escapes his eyes, and as he looks out at the crowd in front of him, he finds her...he smiles and continues...


34. Party of Doom 1

I was greeted by gloomy and sad faces. All of them were present except for 2, Liam and Zayn. So he's still upset, or maybe worse. I actually started regretting my choice of mentioning Perrie.  

'' You did the right thing.'' Jessy says

'' Yea, I agree. It was a wise decision to tell him the truth, but it didn't mean you had to say all these love things.'' Joanne says. Slowly each one starts nodding and giving me a lecture of what I should have done or said. Well, after all this trouble someone, yes someone really cheeky, also known as Louis, starts bringing up the topic of partying.

'' You know what. Let's party. I'll call Liam and Zayn to come back home.'' Niall says with a happy grin on his face. 

'' Party at a time like this?'' I sigh. 

'' Well yea...it might help you forget what happened-'' '' and lighten up the day!''

'' What happened to Joe?'' 

'' Oh...I booked for him a flight back home...I don't want to take care of my brother any more. It will be too much responsibility to handle if he comes.'' Jessy explains.

Louis chuckles and holds her hand, it made her smile. I wish that was me... Well then. They want a party? I'm going to give them one...suddenly my phone beeps. Oh I think that's Zayn, I smile happily.  '' Who's it from?'' Joanne asks, leaning over my shoulder. I back her off. '' I want to read it myself! Now Shoo shoo.'' I say, shoving her away.

  370HSSV 0773H,            

            Party? I think that's my style. Ever heard of the person who would sacrifice his body to wake up a dead person? Well...I hope I'm invited.                                                                                                                                                                          


Okay...that is definitely not Zayn. 

'' Who's that?'' Salma asks in shock,pointing a trembling hand at my phone. 

'' I don't know...'' I say, shockingly, I don't really know.

'' Oooooh! Must be some mystery guy...'' Jessy says in a childish manner. M for Mystery? M for Mariam? Which...

''I've always wanted to be stalked by someone.'' Jessy sighs. In a matter of half a millisecond, she gets smacked on the head by Louis.

'' Having me is not enough eh? Okay young missy...time for torture.'' Says Louis, dragging her to the kitchen.

'' What was that for?'' I ask.

'' No need to worry. I sent Louis and Jessy to start cooking. That's all.'' Liam chuckles. I smile.

'' How about you and Harry go look for some decorations while Salma and I buy the cake.'' Liam asks. I nod.

'' Wait wha-?'' Harry asks, taking his eyes off his phone. I take his hand and drag him out. Before I left with him to buy new decorations I heard an argument.

'' You have no taste in choosing cakes!'' Joanne scolds. 

'' Well, you don't either!'' Liam replies. 

'' I think Joanne and Niall should go, they like food.'' Salma says shyly. 

'' Yea..and we know which type of cake tastes better!'' Niall pouts. I think this part Liam had enough and just let them go because I heard some cheering and yelling. On my way out, I hear some kissing going on in the kitchen in addition to some giggling. She sure must be happy.

'' So what are we gonna buy?'' Harry asks in an un-interesting voice. 

'' I guess some balloons and banners.'' I say. I receive a text message, but I just ignore it. I hate drama and I don't want my life to be full of it.

'' Who's that from.'' 

'' I have no idea.''

'' Want me to check it for you?''  I open my mouth ready to say no but Harry snatches my phone anyways. I sigh. Good grief, now what will he think if it's another M message. Harry took hours and hours reading it. 

'' Salma said to get some candles as well.'' He finally said. I sigh...that was close. My phone beeps again. They probably want something else.   

          370HSSV 0773H,

It's a long, dark night. If I were you I won't walk to that store of yours. 2 simple reasons. 1.) You're walking with my future boyfriend. 2.) You never know what might happen. Take care and good luck because you really need that.                                                                                                                                      


'' Harry let's not walk there.''

'' But it's a short distance.''

'' Harry please...'' I argue. He doesn't reply but keeps on walking ahead. That's when we hear a really faint scream, but it doesn't sound far away. That's when it hits me...M...Mischief...

'' HARRY DON'T!'' I scream...    

A/N:  Here we go again...reply who you thing M is or what it might stand for...

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