A One Direction Story...

A tear escapes his eyes, and as he looks out at the crowd in front of him, he finds her...he smiles and continues...


6. Meeting the boys

Jessy's P.O.V:

As I turn to see where the sound has come from, I notice One Direction entered the theater room from the same door we entered, except now the door is broken. They start from singing a song from the Up All Night Album, One Thing, even though that was my second worst song in that album their voices were amazingly gorgeous, They sprint all the way on stage and I start screaming and fan-girling. My god they were amazing! I turn and to look at my friends expressions, which I cannot describe! This is the most best day of my life!!!!!


Salma's P.O.V:

''I'm so happy!'' I cry...

'' I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!'' They all scream back, with Jessy laughing, and Zeina, I thought she would faint, look at her expression and you would laugh, I can't describe it!

I was filming it all and suddenly someone snatches my new phone I just bought a few weeks ago. It's nowhere to be seen, as I look at the ground for it, Mariam taps me and points to Liam.

''Not Now!'' I groan, my phone is much more important. As i glance up, I find my phone, b-b-but in Liam's hands, filming on stage!

Jessy, Joanne,, and Zeina wink and start screaming again! He hands it to me and winks and a new song is on, Moments, Jessy's a bit worried and Joanne is going to cry...

In Niall's Solo, a tear escapes his eyes and as he looks out at the crowd he finds her...he smiles and continues...

Joanne's P.O.V:

Did he just look at me? not only that, but smile!!?? Oh my god! This is the most happiest feeling ever! Why am I thinking too much? He probably saw that I was eating and he liked it...

Jessy's P.O.V:

I'm not going to take my eyes off Louis! I don't care if he's dating Eleanor...I love him! Not because he's famous but...

'' Hands are silent, voices numb, tried to scream out my lungs it makes this harder...and the tears stream down my face...'' He sings

My god he's so damn good! Why do I  love him so much!

Zeina's crying from happiness, I expected more, but okay...

Zeina's P.O.V:

I'm soooo happy! I'm going to meet Zayn!!!!!!!!!!

'' Let's be last in the line!'' I suggest..'' That way they will have more time to talk to us!''

''yea...but can we get Ice-cream!'' Joanne asks...

After hours of waiting we walked over to the table, and there they were! the most famous band on Earth...

'' Hi--'' I say in a crappy voice walking over to Zayn.

He looks up from his desk and smiles...''Hello there! Nice Outfit!''

And with that everything went dark...

Jessy's P.O.V:

I rushed over to Louis and said as quickly as possible:'' YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!''

He smiled and thanked me, he looked up into my eyes and screamed:''Holy Banana! Your eyes a-a-a-are Red!!!!!'' 

I giggle and before I could reply I hear a thud. Louis and I rush over to see Zeina, who has fainted. Zayn and Louis are all worried and before they could call anyone for help, I fall on the ground laughing my organs out! Louis just stares at me and well he helped me up but I fell again...this was the most funniest moment of my life I have been waiting for, to see Zeina faint!

Louis' P.O.V:

She's on the ground laughing! Laughing at her friend who has fainted! That's really weird, I would laugh if Zayn fainted, I guess that's normal then...I can't stop staring at her eyes, they changed color! I have a girlfriend already but she's nothing compared to that girl...anyways she's really just a fan,so who cares.


A/N: Hey guys...it's really crappy I know... but How many of you are liking it so far...comment a :( face if u find it boring...I'll make it more interesting! PLZ guys it would help me know if I should continue or not. Thanks!


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