A One Direction Story...

A tear escapes his eyes, and as he looks out at the crowd in front of him, he finds her...he smiles and continues...


24. Little Talks

Zeina's P.O.V:

We've been sitting here chatting for hours! I'm really bored.

'' I wanna go home!'' I groan

''This is home!'' replies Niall

'' I'm bored!'' I groan

'' My god your annoying...let's go shopping then...Nandos babe?" Niall asks Joanne, I wish I had Perrie's boyfriend!

'' No! Let's go to Pizza Hut!'' She argues.

I look over at Jessy who's grinning...I guess I know what we want...the sweet factory is in the mall anyways! 

'' Hey Jess!'' I say grinning. She rushes over me and lays an arm against my shoulder.

'' Sweets time?'' She asks. Niall runs and sits next to us.

'' I'm with them!'' He says pulling us to a hug.

'' No!'' Liam and Salma say at the same time...they look at each other and blush...awwwwwww!

'' Salma and I are going to get a cab.'' He says, looking over at Salma who nods. 

Salma's P.O.V:

'' Liam, you can't just get a cab by sitting on the porch and doing nothing!''  I say

'' Really?''

'' YEP!''

'' Nooooooooooo....I never knew.'' He says sarcastically. 

'' Well now you know...'' I say. '' What's the real reason we are sitting here anyways?''

'' I'm so mad...I don't who to blame...myself, Niall, ,you? It's all a misunderstanding! I can't believe I let her 'slip out of my mouth.' It's so unfair!'' He complains

'' Can I ask you a question?''


'' Why are you her boyfriend anyway?''

'' What kind of question is that! Don't you get it! I love her!!!''

'' but isn't what your parents think a better advice?''

'' So what! A man would do anything for his bird!''

'' but she's not your bird anymore!''

'' She always will be...why aren't you even sad that i just broke up!''

'' Because a true relationship cannot be over with a silly excuse! She's older than you...that means she's expected to understand more than you!'' 

'' You're right...butt I can't believe it's over already...''

I look at the sky which is really cloudy, it's gonna rain...

'' Let's cancel shopping today...'' he says

'' Okay.''

We walk in and find Jessy with a raincoat on.

'' Jessy, why the hell are you wearing that!?!'' I ask

'' It's gonna rain right?''

'' Yes bu-''

'' I wanna play in the rain.'' She says looking all mad...I wonder what happened.

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