A One Direction Story...

A tear escapes his eyes, and as he looks out at the crowd in front of him, he finds her...he smiles and continues...


13. Horror! O.O

Salma's P.O.V:

Louis offered to help Jessy in the kitchen, and I'm stuck here with them fighting over which movie to watch. 

'' I want to watch Pretty Little Liars!''

'' Shark night 3D!''

''NO, no blood please...let's just watch Barney!''

'' No, lets watch comedy!!''

''Girls, calm down...let's just watch Shark Night but not in 3D'' Niall says

'' Yes...in 3D!!'' replies Zeina

'' This is not going to get us anywhere...'' I mumble. I notice Liam glancing at me, I blush.

'' Food is ready!!'' someone calls from the kitchen

In the end, we all agree to watch Shark Night. The food is set on the table, but Jessy went to get a blanket so we could recall our childhood memories. She returns with 2 big blankets, handing the other one to the boys. So Zeina, Jessy, Joanne, Mariam, and me are under one, and the lads under the other one, cool! 

'' This is Horror right?'' Jessy asks 

'' Yep...pretty much!'' 

''Okay cool'' and with that she says she needs to go to use the bathroom, what is she up to now?

We're half way in the movie and Jessy hasn't returned, this movie is so bloody. The beach changes form being a nice beach to a bloody beach, with scary background music. Suddenly someone taps me form behind and I see a Zombie. Everyone screams...including them, the boys, which is kinda awkward. The Zombie goes to Louis and tries to drag him outside the house, and who comes to the rescue? Well, my brave little soldier, Liam. 

'' Someone help me, I'm too young to die! Take Liam instead of me!''

'' Heyy!! Zombie! Let go of Louis or I'll kill you!'' Shouts Liam pointing a knife towards it. 

We're all freaked out and huddled in the corner crying. Liam is so brave!

'' Release him now!!'' and that's when Liam sprints up to the zombie. The Zombie pushes him away and let's go of Louis before Liam can kill it. Louis runs to the corner and hides. As Liam raises his knife, the Zombie screams...'' don't!'' 

It takes of a mask revealing someone...

We gasp!


A/N:  Good place to stop..right? Don't forget...I didn't plan for this to happen...I don't know whats going to happen in the story :p I'll update in a few minutes after I'm done studying...later!

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