A One Direction Story...

A tear escapes his eyes, and as he looks out at the crowd in front of him, he finds her...he smiles and continues...


30. Here I am

Jessy's P.O.V:

Everything goes dark...and blank. I remember waking up for a few seconds hearing the sounds of ambulances and police cars. Everything is in a slow version. I tilted my head to find a group of people crying and one of them being shoved in the car. I close my eyes again and this time for a really long time. I'm not sure how many days have passed and I was still in my blank dream but I assure you it was more that 2 days. I try to lift my eyes but I can't. I tried harder and harder each day until I finally cracked my blank dream open. My eyes flutter for a bit, there are sounds of familiar people arguing over something I can't make of.

'' It's all my damn fault!''

'' Shut  up!!! It's not!''

'' Why is she not waking up!?!''

'' Oh Wait...she is...'' 

They all rush over to my side.

'' Sorry.'' I grumble

'' It's not your fault! It's mine..I'm such a freak! No wonder why Eleanor broke up with me!'' Louis exclaims...I can tell that their is tension in this room. 

'' Can you do me a favor and explain what happened?''

'' Okay...so you pushed Zeina and I back and immediately this car, which came out of no where, hit you! The girl inside tried to get away, but the cops got her. Her name is Judy? Do you know her?''

'' Yea...Jessy? wasn't that the girl who-'' Zeina asks but I interrupt her.

'' Yep that's her'' I say smiling. '' Can I get out of here?''

'' Nope, 3 more days'' replies Mariam happily.

'' I'm glad there's 3 more days left, the food here is amazing?''

'' In the hospital Joanne? Seriously? Oh MY GAWD! You idiot! These were meant for Jessy!'' Salma says staring at the empty chocolate box. I chuckle.

'' Well, I'm glad your okay!'' Says Niall, holding up more than 1 piece of chocolate and trying to shove it in his mouth.''

'' Niall! These were for Jessy!'' Moans Zayn.

'' What happened to Judy?''

'' Well she was taken to jail and she's going to have to pay  $16,000  and stay in jail for 4 years. Why did she come at you?'' Louis asks

'' Oh it was nothing!'' I say quickly. I regain my memory. Judy told me that she's going to hit me with the car! Not Louis! I thought Louis and Zeina! Man I'm an idiot! and how did I agree to it!?! I'm glad they're safe. Louis and I exchange glances as Liam and Salma stared into each others eyes for more than a minute.

'' If you want to kiss...not here!'' Warns Louis

'' Ewwwww! Get a room!'' I play along.

'' Both of you...'' Liam glares, pointing at us. '' Watch what you say!''

'' Yea Louis...watch what YOU say!'' I joke.

'' Jessy, he was talking to both of you...'' Mariam replies.

'' Pfft...I knew that.''

'' No you didn't!"

'' NOOOOOOOO!'' I say sarcastically. Harry and Mariam exchange dramatic looks.

'' Mariam and I are going to get you a bunch of new outfits from the store'' Harry says.

'' We are?'' Mariam asks. '' Oh yea, we are.''

Geez...they think they can fool me. They have to try better than that. With that, Mariam grabs her purse and rushes out of the hospital with Harry. 

'' Niall and I are going to spy on them mommy, don't worry!'' Joanne says. Salma nods. 

'' Yea..and I'm going to get a bit of food daddy!'' says Niall. Liam laughs. Niall gives Joanne a peck on the lips infront of us. EEEP! SO cute! Adorable! I'm being honest.

'' They're adorable!'' I say after they leave.

'' Yea, I can agree with you on that!'' Louis chuckles. I smile. His eyes are so dazzling, I can stare at them for a thousand years!

'' Oh my god!'' Zeina screams. '' Don't you dare snatch my mirror from me! It's mine! All mine! Every piece of it!''

'' But the mirror here is ugly! It makes me look fat!'' Zayn protests.

'' No, just no! Hand it back!''

'' But I really need it!''

'' No!''

'' Maybe this will change your mind'' He says as he leans in and kisses her. Zeina blushes really hard, causing me to laugh. Apparently, me laughing at this time was a bad idea. Zayn stopped and turned ferociously. 

'' Stop glaring at me?'' I say. '' You creep me!''


'' Zayn...stawhp!''

*still glares*

'' Zeina...tell him to stop!''

*still glares*

'' Zayn, I'll give you the mirror.'' Zeina sighs. He turns his attention on her. 

'' Okay, thanks babe! This is mine now!'' He says smiling as he snatches the mirror and starts viewing his hair. 

'' Too much kissing going on!'' Louis says, staring at me. I hate it when boys stare at me, it makes me blush really hard! Louis notices and chuckles.

'' Your cheeks are so red! They're so cute.'' 

'' Thanks...'' I smile

'' Jessy, may I borrow some money? Liam and I have run out.'' Salma asks. I nod, she smiles and leaves. 

'' Okay-'' Liam says, waiting awkwardly until Salma returns. 

'' Hey bro! How's your day!'' Louis asks Liam.

'' Fine...''

'' Can I leave now!'' I moan.'' I'm okay.''

'' Oh honey, you can't leave now, but Louis can.'' She says. What the hell is she doing here.

'' Go away!'' Louis replies harshly.

'' Why are you with her when you can be with me? I'm a model! What is she?'' She says, pointing that nasty finger at me. 

'' Leave him alone, he's mine now!'' I say.

'' I am?'' Louis asks, with a grin spreading on his face. I nod. I can tell how happy he was.

'' WHAT!! NO WAIT! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!?! Louis! Why?'' She says in a really annoying manner. 

* I'll update in a few days, or maybe tomorrow...enjoy*

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