A One Direction Story...

A tear escapes his eyes, and as he looks out at the crowd in front of him, he finds her...he smiles and continues...


25. Evil Talks...

Eleanor's P.O.V:

'' Can you believe that beach! Cheating on someone like me! How dare he...he's gonna pay one day and regret what he did!!!'' I say...frustration surrounding me...How can anyone hate me!?! Eleanor Calder!?!

'' Umm...yea...I wonder if they're sad...'' Danielle asks.

'' Them? Sad? I laugh...they cheated on us and you think they will be sad...you saw their faces...they were happy with them!''

'' Liam was cr-''

'' He would have acted that...Danielle grow up! Stop acting like a middle school-er''

'' Bu-''

'' Don't worry hun...I'll make it up to you...We're going to make them wish they never came in that house!''

'' To make it sound more dramatic you should say we're gonna make them wish they never layed a foot in that place or got involved with those girls.''

'' Atta Danielle, that's a good girl! Now listen up...here's the plan...''


'' That's a good plan!'' 

'' I know right!'' I grin. That's when Zayn's solo comes up...I laugh evilly. That boy's gonna regret it!''

'' We need to call her from a different phone number...''

'' Yea...I figured...'' Louis' solo is now playing. I grin, '' You'll be mine in a few days...''

'' But if Liam's happy with that girl leave him b-''

'' What the hell are you thinking Danielle...you wish you were me right?''

'' Yea...'' I can tell she's lying.

'' Danielle...do you love Liam or not!?!''

'' I do...bu-''

'' No buts...Liam will be yours. Girls get what they want. ''

Minutes passed as we listened to the tracks of our boys, and future husbands. ' I Want' started playing...

'' What if Liam wants to be loved by that girl.'

'' We just have to kill her then...we first need to know the truth. ''

'' No! El, have you gone mad!!!''

'' No...I have gone smart, dumb one...learn from me!''

'' Whatever...''

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