A One Direction Story...

A tear escapes his eyes, and as he looks out at the crowd in front of him, he finds her...he smiles and continues...


33. Depressing things...

Zeina's P.O.V:

My eyes are swelling up from the pool of tears I have cried for hours and hours. Yes it's true, I love him like no woman has ever loved a man so deeply. I have become so dramatic these days. I form a kind of ball by clutching my legs and arms like a baby, trying to rest. I decide to turn on my phone. I stare at it for a while which seemed like ages. 14 missed calls from Joanne, 37 missed calls from Jessy, 21 from Salma, and 87 from Zayn. Its probably one of the boys who must have called me by using his cell phone. Suddenly I get a text message. I open up to find 24 messages, all from my friends, except for 1 strange number, 'unknown'. I stare at my phone while reading the message, my hands trembling. 

    Poor You, 

  If I were there I would have helped you. Did you miss me already? or is it that you don't even care at all? You can miss me all you want now but that's not going to help. Enjoy your life cuz I didn't. Xxx


I try clicking on the reply message but a pop up message doesn't allow me to reply saying that this user is blocked and unknown. I tremble, my heart trembles, I can feel the world trembling. On and on I wonder, isn't she dead? This cannot be possible. What if it's just another someone trying to wreck and ruin my life forever. Forever? Isn't it already ruined? What could possibly get worse. I sigh to myself.

'' I can tell by your sight you're morose.'' 

'' Just that? I think my life is destroyed!''

'' Don't be so pessimistic.''

'' What is there in life when there is no music, sounds, and love?''

'' It will be an empty box.''

'' Well that's how I feel. Like an empty box.''

'' No don't say that, I agree with you about Perrie and all but that was inconsiderate.''

'' How aggrieved is he?''

'' His heart is torn up, like when you get a doll you hate and tear its heart open.''

'' Is that supposed to make me feel any better?''

'' Well, not that I was going to try to enlighten your day. I'm just saying the true facts.''

'' Life is short, so live it positively.''

'' Yes, Zeina, you should live it positively.''

'' Thanks Niall, for making my life better for a minute.''

'' No...don't say that. Let's go home, they all must be worried sick about you.''

'' Niall? Do you think apprehensive things might happen in the real world?''

''*Sigh* I think that's already happening.''

'' No like real-''

'' Zeina, I'm not the type of person who's really ominous.'' 

 I walk away gloomily. However, Niall catches up and takes my hand. 

'' Don't run off ever again.'' He whispers gloomily. I silently nod. 



A/N: sorry it's a short chapter...I'm too sleepy -.- I have an exam tmrw morning...so goodnight all!

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