A One Direction Story...

A tear escapes his eyes, and as he looks out at the crowd in front of him, he finds her...he smiles and continues...


26. Bad News

Zeina's P.O.V:

I was busy spying at Zayn while he was talking on the phone with Perrie...the platypus...she deserves that name. Louis pops from behind me and starts poking me. 

'' Quiet down!''

'' Why are you spying on him!''

'' umm....''

'' It's fine I want to spy with you!''  

'' Okay, just quiet down Louis.'' 

This is the conversation between Zayn and her...

'' Hey babe!''

'' Hi...''

'' Good news or bad news?''

'' I don't know...''

'' OKay spit it out...''

'' I'm pregnant!''

'' You're pregnan- but we're not yet married!!!''

'' Yea...I know''

'' We should get married in a couple of days...''

'' Okay''

'' I'm coming over babe!''

'' k...''

'' By the way hunn...It's great news...I'm proud to be with you!''


I turn to look at Louis, who's smiling...

'' Louis, why are you happy!"'

'' My best friend's girlfriend is pregnant...woohoo!''

Tears start to run down my face...no...this cannot be happening... I thought Perrie getting engaged was a fake rumour...It's true! I'm done...my life is done!

'' Zeina...what's wrong?'' Jessy asks. Louis stares at her for a couple of minutes. I tell her the story.

'' Well, let's go for a walk in the park...I'll make the sandwiches, Louis take care of her...you don't know how sad she is...'' She says as she trots down towards the kitchen. She returns back with a basket and a folded carpet. Louis drives us to the park with no one saying a word till we reach there. We set up everything and sit down. 

'' So...tell me Zaynie...what's wrong?'' Jessy asks

'' Zayn...that idiot!!!'' 

'' What happened?''

'' He now has a baby!!'' I reply angrily crying

'' and what's wrong with that?'' Louis asks

'' Zeina is Zayn's biggest fan in this universe, I assure you...she loves him so much, to a point where you can't imagine!'' Jessy replies. Louis nods.

'' Zeina...you should have expected that a long time ago! I'm not being rude or anything, but Zayn loves Perrie! If he lets go of her his life would be way different.''

'' In a good or bad way?''

'' I don't know.'' He sighs

'' But Zayn is dating someone older than him!''

'' I was too!''

'' You guys should date someone younger...''

'' Zeina...love can happen at any age...'' He explains

'' but it's so unfair.''

I look over at Jessy who's laying down staring at the sky, another daydream I guess. Louis notices her and lays down too. I rush over to Jessy's side and fall asleep. There's nothing better than sleeping in the park with a really blue sky! Louis knows this park really well so he picked to sit here so no fans could find us...it looks like a jungle!

A/N: Sorry....kinda crappy...My sis was annoying me so I couldn't concentrate... >:(

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