A One Direction Story...

A tear escapes his eyes, and as he looks out at the crowd in front of him, he finds her...he smiles and continues...


9. Back at home

Zeina's P.O.V:

I can't remember anything much, just the fact that I was talking to Zayn. What happened? I walk in the living room and see the girls wearing their P.J's discussing something. All I can make out of what they're saying is this:

'' How can you believe it's his real phone number.''

''You can't, but I can tell he wasn't lying!'' 

''Then let's try calling him!''

''Fine...here's the number...''

And with that I walk in the room and immediately Jessy bursts out laughing for an hour or so...Jessy explains that I fainted...my reaction? probably like the scream painting...I can't believe I fainted in front of him, now he will always get the bad qualities of me! This is so unfair.

Joanne's P.O.V:

''Hello?'' I hear someone mumbling from the other end of the phone line. 

''Hello! Joanne is that you?''


''Great! can you come over!?!''

''My friends and I are having movie night today...I guess I can't, how about you come over, My friend's busy cooking yummy food! Bring the lads too!''

''Sure! I'll be there in a few minutes, where do you live?''

''Turn right from Wall-Mart's store...there''

'' you mean that big blue house?''


''k I'll be there...bye'' 

-And that was it-

Salma's P.O.V:

''OMG! They're going to be coming here!? Jessy! cook triple times whatever you're doing'' I scream

''Okay...geez!'' Is all i hear from the kitchen, with some bangs and thuds...

'' Joanne we are the most luckiest girls in the world!!'' Mariam sings while doing her happy dance...

'' How do I look?'' asks Zeina

'' You look fine'' Joanne re-assures her. 

What are all those feelings, happiness, love, and something, something I cannot compare to the other things  I have experienced in my life...


And in a matter of few minutes a knock is heard, Mariam rushes to get it


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