A One Direction Story...

A tear escapes his eyes, and as he looks out at the crowd in front of him, he finds her...he smiles and continues...


16. A Mad World 2

A/N: Sorry I couldn't update these past 2 days...2 reasons: First too much H.W since I'm too lazy to work on it. Second, I couldn't find a good thing to add in the story. So i had a dream and well, this is how these 2 or more chapters I just updated will turn out...hope you like it! and again....sorry!!!


Liam's P.O.V:

I followed Salma to the door, and there they were, staring at me furiously. I can understand why...because I wrapped my arm on Salma's shoulder, by mistake. I backed off and apologized. 

'' Danielle...I can explain...''

'' No. There's no explanation to it. I knew there was something wrong when Eleanor called Louis!''

'' Listen...Niall likes a girl and-''

'' No...I'm not listening! If Niall likes a girl why is  she hanging out with you.'' 

'' She's just showing me around the house!'' 

'' Why!?! ''

'' Danielle, it was for fun! ''

'' Why was she showing you around the house and not the rest of the boys too!''

'' because I wanted to get away from the rest of them and other girls...they were making too much noise'' Salma says. She's defending me...cute! 

'' Louis is with them!'' Eleanor screams and rushes inside without an invitation

'' I don't care! There is no explanation that will satisfy me in forgiving you...you mean, stupid-''

'' Shut up...don't you ever say such kind words about him! I assure you he's the most sweetest person in the world! '' Salma scolds

'' Payzer just failed to cross the oceans in forgiving...level 3 failed!'' I say

'' Wha- fine! Be that way! ''

'' We are never ever ever getting back together!'' I chant...

'' Never say never...'' Danielle shoots an evil grin and walks away

'' I'm sorry...'' Salma apologizes

'' There's nothing to be sorry about...she's too old for me anyways.'' I say, hoping to make her smile

'' El is still here-'' She says worriedly. 

We rush to the room to find her crying and Louis, his eyes streaming with water...like a river.

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