Odin - academy

well, the title says it all. . .
sigyn pronounced (seg-in)
If you have know idea who Odin, Loki or thor are then go away
Loki isn't a frost giant yet, this is when he's in university.
Hello :|]

Loki and sigyn are best friends someone dies blah blah blah. Spoiler alert. Don't worry nobody important dies just someone.


2. Bachius weapons

I push open the oak door and step into heaven. Different weapons surrounding me, I wipe the tears from my puffy face and tread quietly around the shop; I love this place, full of different bows, sheath's and arrows. I was deep into the shop when Bachius walked in from the store-room.

"Hey Sigyn" Bachius was tall and old with a fluffy red beard to match his fiery temper. But he listens to anyone and everyone that comes in here. Then the door creaked open. Oh god I thought. Better face Loki now, he's my room-mate anyway. I heard a familiar, quiet; almost silent tread on the battered floor. I shooed Bachius away, leaving this between Loki and Me. 

He faced me, I faced him. We stood in front of each other. Not knowing what to say, then, without any warning he hugged me. 

"You were right, Si." He grinned. "You have me, as a friend, Maybe even more than that."... 

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