Odin - academy

well, the title says it all. . .
sigyn pronounced (seg-in)
If you have know idea who Odin, Loki or thor are then go away
Loki isn't a frost giant yet, this is when he's in university.
Hello :|]

Loki and sigyn are best friends someone dies blah blah blah. Spoiler alert. Don't worry nobody important dies just someone.


1. Loki

I sit in my dorm, isolated from all the Asgardians. No-one for company except Loki Odin-son, my irritating roomate and best friend. I know, why would I be friends with the God of mischief? Well, we met here at Odin academy. . .

                                                                                              *    *     *

He sat there, snorting with laughter, his forest eyes twinkling and his mind whirling with thoughts. "Well then Sigyn, you're not a total goody two shoes after all. Are you?" He relished the thought of my limited space in the academy.

"I told you, don't call me Sigyn!" I reply viciously, "Call me Si"

My dad, he works at the academy, always keeping a sharp eye on me. I stole his laptop then he chose to ban me from exiting the university.

The month is over. Finally. I ventured out into the open air, Loki trailing behind me. Elated I run ahead not knowing what trouble i'll get myself into. "Hey, wait up!" He called, I didn't slow down, I sped up, he did aswell. We raced until Bachius' weapons reached our view. At a sudden moment Loki was'nt anywhere, Oh it can't be Thor again, can it? I gripped my bow and yanked an arrow out of my quiver ready for battle. I kept alert, treading silently, my elven ears listening. "Hello?" I call pathetically. out of the corner of my eye I see his stupid helmet too big for him. I run to him happier than ever. "where were you, you just vanished, was it Thor? I can beat him up! well sort of." I blabbered. He smiled and went to hug him. I stumbled through him. What! "How many times are you going to fall for that?" he chortled behind me. "and you can't beat me or him up, we're practically gods." I hit him in the shoulder and push him over. "well, I can see you on the floor after I beat you up" "he has a hammer!"

"I have you" I yelled. now, this seems awkward. I felt myself blushing, tears streaming down my cheeks and stormed into Bachius' weapons. "wait" he shrieked. I ignore him, still walking into my mind palace (Bachius' weapons)

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