Valentine Direction (for 1D competition)

Two friends go out shopping to find there dream date waiting there. But who will He chose?


1. Love is a powerful thing

"Hi you two. Happy Valentine's Day!!!" Harry announced to Grace and I whilst we were walking past. I looked up from my blackberry and stepped back in starstruck. He looked at me puzzled then said "whats your name?" looking at me with his enchanting green eyes. I mumbled " name is Delilah" Then I heard another two voices come up behind me. I turned around so fast I nearly tripped over. It was Louis and Niall. They came over to Harry and Louis looked me up and down then commented "by the way Harry is flirting with you. You can just tell the way he is standing. See" he stepped back when he said that and pointed at Harry.

Harry quickly stopped leaning on the vending machine and glared at Louis indicating he was getting wound up by this remark. Grace smirked then got her phone out and began to play angry birds. I stood there with my hands in my pockets looking down at my shoes trying not to laugh in a very awkward silence. Niall broke the awkward silence by questioning the group "so......can we go to Nandos? I am starving." Harry looked up from his hands and mentioned "I am not hungry. Why don't you two go on and I will meat you in jackwills in an hour or something." Louis replied "you are always hungry Harry come on." Harry sauntered over to Louis and whispered in his ear. I could only hear a faint mumble and Louis nodding away to Harry's words. After Harry had finished Louis uttered "come on Niall lets get something to eat." they sett off to Nandos looking over there shoulder back at us and giggling to there selves. Grace looked up from her phone then clicked the lock button on her phone and then struggled to put it back in her skinny jeans pocket, then declared "I am going with those lot to Nandos. I am a bit peckish." then she ran to catch the boys up.

Harry leaned on the vending machine again then said in his deep dreamy voice "Do you want to get a drink with me? I will pay." I uttered "yes, sure" his face lit up when I said that. He wondered over to me and we set off down the isles of shops to a lovely coffee shop at the left hand side of the lane. I sat down at a nice, small antique table near the counter. I could see freshly baked muffins, Brownies, cakes and the lovely aroma of the sweet, sticky toffee pudding was heavenly. Harry sat opposite me with his arms leaning on the table teetering back on his chair staring into my eyes. He said softly "so what do you want? I am going to get a mocha with a triple chocolate muffin." I looked over at the cakes on there stands they all looked so nice with chocolate running off the sides and with strawberry's on top for a decorative affect but one stood out for me. It wasn't the nicest looking cake but it smelt gorgeous so I read what it was called and answered "a slice of Belgian chocolate cake ripple with a skinny latte please." He got his wallet out of his pocket then got up and went over to the counter and ordered.

When the lady was making the drinks Harry looked back around at me and smiled. I still couldn't believe this was happening. I took a deep breath and thought to myself "keep it together Delilah" and smiled sweetly back at him. The lady patted him on the shoulder and said "you can sit down and I will bring the drinks over." He nodded then came back over to me with his hands in his pockets. He sat back down and I said "so why are you hear today?" He answered strait away saying "Niall wants a new pare of shoes and well Louis needed some new after shave and I just felt like coming because I was bored." he asked me the same question and I said "well Grace wanted to get some new makeup to wear for her ballet show next week and she asked if I wanted to come with her so I did." Harry was leaning closer and closer to me when I was speaking and when I had finished speaking Harry's lips touched with mine and he kissed me. But all of a sudden I herd a little voice say "excuse me you two, I have your drinks. Sorry" and we stopped instantly, the waitress put the tray down and quickly walked away. Harry smirked then said "Happy Valentine Delilah."    

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