Another entry for the Second Poetry Contest, and this time I decided to capture the fantasy of young love (any feedback is more than welcome).


1. .


I wrap my arms around your

Neck, but they aren't that long

So your waist will have to do.

I stand on a park bench so

I could crush my lips to yours

While you hold me on the hips.


I press my hand against your

Chest and leave it there to rest

As you move as your lungs do.

I bow my head to meet yours

And drink in your eyes azure

As the pink dusk drinks grass dew.


I lie in your arms like I

Would warm sheets and I'd stroke your

Cheeks fighting sleep like you do.

I feel your skin raise the hairs

On mine and heat brands my face

And bruises me - hot iron.


You hum my lullaby as

Tentatively as you kiss

And I know my world's complete.

"I could let you go," I sing,

"But I won't thrive,

As I know

I can't survive

Without you."

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