Don't tell me a lie :x

Hey. I'm Samantha. I'm 17. I'm currently under parental abuse. My mom died when I turned 4. So, my dad, who is an alcoholic, abuses me. I have bruises, scars, cuts, and welts. It's not everyday I get to listen to One Direction. They help me to learn: My life has a meaning, no matter how rough the road gets. <3. I have 1 friend, and that's Cayce. She's the only one I told about my dad abusing me. I have Brown hair, Blue eyes, A slim figure, covered eith bruises, scras, cuts, and welts. Perfect huh? I am irish, grew up in Mullingar, Ireland. It's a good place. I like it, but my dad forced me to move to America. I have been chatting with Cayce, and tonight, I'm leaving. I'm going straight to the airport, and flying out there.. After, I go to the police station. :D


8. The beach with the gang.

Zayn's POV

We were going to the beach today. I was glad. I was falling hard for Samantha. I swear I was. She was amazing. Niall digusts me, more than her dad does. I hated the fact, she cried, because of his mistake. I put my swimming bottoms on. I went in the living room, and Sami called me. "Zayn! Come here!" I rushed upstairs, almost tripping. "Don't trip!" She winked. "Haha, what's up?" I asked, trying to hold a mad face. "Tie this for me!" She said, her voice sending butterflies to my stomach.

She was looking amazing. It was a strapless bikini. It was also striped. Louis is gonna be mad. He said he's the only one allowed to wear stripes. This will be fun. She told me to tie her cover up around her neck. The scars have cleared, she had a good complexion. I wrapped my arms around her waist from behind. She took yet another picture, of us. Amazing. I turned her around, and I locked the door. They knew when the door's locked, go away! I layed on the bed. She layed beside me. I wrapped my arms around her, and put my lips to her ears. "You have to be quiet." I smirked. I knew what I was gonna do. I wasn't gonna swipe her V-Card, but I was gonna show her the best kiss, ever.

She was facing me. I leaned in, and our lips met. It was passionate, and slow. Our lips fit like a puzzle piece. I placed my hands to her waist, this time pulling her closer. We kissed like this for at least 2 minutes, gasping for air afterwards. She had a smile plastered on her face. We kissed again, just this time she took a picture. She was amazing. AmaZayn, if you must. She had officially stolen my heart. I grabbed her hand, and led her downstairs. The guys left, even Niall. We walked, hand in hand, to the beach. They were there. "They arre HERRRRREEEE!" I heard Louis shouting. Greattt.

I got waist deep, because I can't really swim that good. I will start panicing. She swam out to Louis. "Heyheyhey! I ONLY WEAR STRIPES!!" He splashed her playfully. She went under the water and swam for 34 seconds. Was she dead? Next thing I know, her legs wrap around my waist. "Holy F-, hey Sami, thanks for almost scaring me to death." I chuckled. She smiled and leaned into my neck, wrapping her arms around my neck. She smiled, and I knew she was tired. I picked her up, and we left the beach. Just me and her. I was suddenly tired too. We layed down on the couch, and fell asleep. I had her in my arms. <3


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