Don't tell me a lie :x

Hey. I'm Samantha. I'm 17. I'm currently under parental abuse. My mom died when I turned 4. So, my dad, who is an alcoholic, abuses me. I have bruises, scars, cuts, and welts. It's not everyday I get to listen to One Direction. They help me to learn: My life has a meaning, no matter how rough the road gets. <3. I have 1 friend, and that's Cayce. She's the only one I told about my dad abusing me. I have Brown hair, Blue eyes, A slim figure, covered eith bruises, scras, cuts, and welts. Perfect huh? I am irish, grew up in Mullingar, Ireland. It's a good place. I like it, but my dad forced me to move to America. I have been chatting with Cayce, and tonight, I'm leaving. I'm going straight to the airport, and flying out there.. After, I go to the police station. :D


2. Meeting One Direction

Sam's POV

I woke up in the bed with Niall, still wrapped in his arms. He was sleeping. He was so adorable when he slept. The way his chest rose, and fell. The way he slept with a smile plastered on his face. He was just indescribable. He was my favorite guy off One Direction. I cuddled back up to him and fell asleep again.

I was awoken by Niall screaming: "FOOOOOOOOOD!!!" It scared me, because my dad was very loud like that, so I cried. He heard me, and ran upstairs. "What's wrong, love?" His voice soothed me a bit. He wrapped his strong arms around me, and calmed me down. "Nothing, bad memories." I said, sighing. "Care to tell me love?" I had to. I had to get it out. It was killing me not too. So I did.

"My mom died the day I turned 4. And ever since that day, my dad quit work, became and acoholic, and started abusing me." I lifted up my shirt. He gasped. He pulled me into a brisk hug. I hugged him back and smiled. "You know, I thought I was gonna die. I listened to Take Me Home&&Up All Night, and it changed me. Cayce was the only one I told, besides my aunt. You gonna introduce me to the others?" I winked. He liked that. He stood up and grabbed my hand. Our fingers were intertwined.

We walked downstairs, were ONE DIRECTION stood. I fangirled in my head. It was amazing getting to know them. I stood there, brown hair in my face. "I'm the bradford bad boy, Zayn." "I'm the sawgmasta from Doncastaaa!!! or SUPERMANNNNNNNNN!!! As you please." "I'm harry." "I'm daddy, or Liam." Wow. they were even more weirder. Haha.

"I'm Samantha." I looked down. Niall explained it, and I was pulled into a group hug, tears from everybody. I knew we were all gonna get along, well. <3

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