Don't tell me a lie :x

Hey. I'm Samantha. I'm 17. I'm currently under parental abuse. My mom died when I turned 4. So, my dad, who is an alcoholic, abuses me. I have bruises, scars, cuts, and welts. It's not everyday I get to listen to One Direction. They help me to learn: My life has a meaning, no matter how rough the road gets. <3. I have 1 friend, and that's Cayce. She's the only one I told about my dad abusing me. I have Brown hair, Blue eyes, A slim figure, covered eith bruises, scras, cuts, and welts. Perfect huh? I am irish, grew up in Mullingar, Ireland. It's a good place. I like it, but my dad forced me to move to America. I have been chatting with Cayce, and tonight, I'm leaving. I'm going straight to the airport, and flying out there.. After, I go to the police station. :D


10. Liam, I have feelings for youuu!

Liam's POV

We drove to the airport for some odd reason. We got there and waited and two girls were running towards us. Great, fans! They bombarded Sami in a huge hug. The light brown haired tall one caught my eye immediatly. I knew, it was love at first sight. I put an arm around her, and she smiled. Her smile, so amazing. I knew I had to have her. I wanted her. We were back at the flat, and Niall and Brittany were gonna crash in his room. Caitlyn and I were sleeping in my room. Zayn and Sami were sleeping in his room. Harry and Louis were sleeping in Louis's room. They aren't gay, but Harry is single, and Louis and Eleanor were still going strong. She was in America, so Louis and Harry slept in Lou's bed.

Caitlyn's POV

We went to Nando's and ate. It was good. I had to sit inbetween Harry and Liam. It was Zayn, Sami, Louis, Harry, Me, Liam, Niall, and Brittany. The 8 of us all together. I ate, and checked my twitter. There was a picture of all of us right now. How? Then a group of preps came up. All blondes. Looking at me and Brittany in disgust. Zayn had his arm around Sami, looking protective. They soon left. We left and went home. Taking different cars, switching roads, escaping the girls. They were buttugly. We arrived at the flat, and Liam and I got out, hand in hand. It's been, not even a day, and I was in love. I admitted,." Liam, I think I have feelings for you.." He looked at me and smiled. He leaned in and our lips met for 3 seconds. He came out with it.: " I have feelings for you to. Will you take the honor of being mine?" He smiled in the dark. I said yes and we ran inside. I admitted, and I was in love. I was all like 'EEEEEEE!!' In my head. Perfect day, Perfect guy.

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