Don't tell me a lie :x

Hey. I'm Samantha. I'm 17. I'm currently under parental abuse. My mom died when I turned 4. So, my dad, who is an alcoholic, abuses me. I have bruises, scars, cuts, and welts. It's not everyday I get to listen to One Direction. They help me to learn: My life has a meaning, no matter how rough the road gets. <3. I have 1 friend, and that's Cayce. She's the only one I told about my dad abusing me. I have Brown hair, Blue eyes, A slim figure, covered eith bruises, scras, cuts, and welts. Perfect huh? I am irish, grew up in Mullingar, Ireland. It's a good place. I like it, but my dad forced me to move to America. I have been chatting with Cayce, and tonight, I'm leaving. I'm going straight to the airport, and flying out there.. After, I go to the police station. :D


9. Flying in today!!

Caitlyn's POV

Sami was flying Brittany and I out to England. I was super excited, but where'd she live? I hope not somewhere shaggy and rundown. We were boarding for England now. Brittany had her luggage on and I did too. I was super excited. We had 5 minuted till flight. I texted Sami:

-We are boarding, 5 to fly <3 Where you liveee??-

She replied fast!

-Hey Im pumped! Youll see, it a surpiseeeee <3 <3-

2 minutes till boarding so I told her I had to go, and we took off. I quickly put my iPhone on .Airplane Mode. and put my headphones in. I had a playlist, of One Direction. I drifted to sleep, next to Brittany who was openeyed.

Brittany's POV

I was super excited. To fly out to England. I dumped Sam, due to difficulties. He was living in Germany, and I was in America. It wouldn't work out. I was in love with a certain Horan. Niall Horan that is. I heard he cheated on Sami, but she moved on. I hated him for that. But I love him... now. Maybe I have a chance?

We landing in England, and I woke Caitlyn up. We jumped off the plane, luggage in hand, and found Sami, and 5 boys? The tall, tanned one, had his arm around Sami. He took his glasses off. It was Z-Z-Zayn M-M-Malik!! OMG!

Caitlyn's POV

I knew she had a secret! She was with Zayn? I recognized Liam, and he couldn't keep his eyes off me. "Like what you see?" I winked at him . He put his arm around me. "I do, I do." Oh my god. I knew it! She was living with 1D!!! Omg omg that lucky chick. She was with Niall, but he cheated on her? I wanna punch him, but him and Brittany are hitting it off good. Like me and Liam. Oooo This is amazing! A dream come true!

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