The Cell Phone Novelist

Rita Vischio is just your average high school student. Her parents work hard, her younger sister is oh so irritating, and her older brother aloof.

Oh, except for the fact she likes to write. Cell Phone Novels, to be exact. One of the top ranked writers on RUV-U, the popular site for Cell Phone Novels around the world.

One day, however, her phone is stolen...

(Updates on Sunday, or whenever the next chapter is written.)


7. Twilight Town

I rubbed my eyes tiredly and stood up. There's no point moping in bed, Rita!

...Or so I said, but the day continued on at a snails pace, mainly due to the wind dying and the heat increasing. I laid out on the back veranda and wished we had air-con.

The neighbors sprinkler looks very tempting, actually... Maybe I should I take off my clothes and sneak in through the hole in the fence...

I really think by this point that my mind was frying a bit...

"Gah!" I sat up suddenly. This heat is definitely getting to me!

Standing up, I grabbed my phone and slid my sandals on. I know one sure fire cure for fried brains on hot days, and that is Ice Cream!

I headed inside and leapt at the freezer compartment of the fridge.


It slowly crept open to reveal...

"W-what?! No ice-cream!" I hung my head in disappointment, and once more contemplated nudity and the neighbors sprinkler, when an idea popped into my head.

I guess I'm going out for ice-cream, then!

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