The Cell Phone Novelist

Rita Vischio is just your average high school student. Her parents work hard, her younger sister is oh so irritating, and her older brother aloof.

Oh, except for the fact she likes to write. Cell Phone Novels, to be exact. One of the top ranked writers on RUV-U, the popular site for Cell Phone Novels around the world.

One day, however, her phone is stolen...

(Updates on Sunday, or whenever the next chapter is written.)


3. Pale Skinned

My name is Rita. I have pale skin, with a smattering of freckles and dull brown hair. The only noteworthy thing about my appearance is my eyes. A bright, emerald sort of green.

Currently, my eyes were squinted in concentration. Focused intently on one single thing, and nothing else.

"With a sickening gurgle, he collapsed to the ground... Gah!" I threw the blasted device aside and flopped backwards onto the bed.

"It's useless, completely useless!" angrily, I swung my legs about, thumping the bed and the wall as I let out  my frustration. 

With one last kick I rolled over on my side, groping about blinding on the floor for something.

After a few moments, my fingers closed around the phone. I shot it a filthy look, then flipped it open and read out loud...

"He collapsed to the ground, blood spilling out everywhere. Augh!" I groaned. "This is crap! Utter crap!"


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