The Cell Phone Novelist

Rita Vischio is just your average high school student. Her parents work hard, her younger sister is oh so irritating, and her older brother aloof.

Oh, except for the fact she likes to write. Cell Phone Novels, to be exact. One of the top ranked writers on RUV-U, the popular site for Cell Phone Novels around the world.

One day, however, her phone is stolen...

(Updates on Sunday, or whenever the next chapter is written.)


8. I scream for eyes cream


I dashed up to my room and dove under my bed, pulling out a small, somewhat dented tin.

My savings tin! Various coins and notes gained from odd jobs around the house and my street. There isn't a lot here, but it's certainly plenty enough to buy an eye scream.

...Ok, thats it. When I start thinking of it as eye scream, I know I need to get goin'.

I grab $10 and slide the tin back under my bed.

"Ice cream, Eye Scream! Ehehe..."

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