Chatroom? (Tobuscus fanfiction)

When Aisha (Say A-Sha haha) was friended on facebook by the one and only Tobuscus, she posts a message on his profile explaining that she loves his video's, and hopes to meet him one day. Thinking that he probably wouldn't have time to reply to her message, she logs of FaceBook, and there is a message from the one and only asking where she lives. She can't believe it, and answers back. Is this the begining of something good?????


1. Aisha meets the one and only


I was on facebook, asking famous YouTubers to add me, when the Tobuscus accepted my friend request and made me smile like I never had before. I ran around the apartment building screaming, "Tobuscus has added me on facebook, bitches!" before returning to my apartment. I ran to my computer chair and sent him a long message explaining that I was so happy he had added me,


Oh, my chickens. Thank you so much for adding me Tobuscus. I love your video's, they're amazingly cool. Pfft, that Christmas rant you posted a few days ago was amzingly funny, I just loved it! I know you won't reply, so I guess I say bye! :)


I happily logged of FaceBok, and was woken in the morning to the sound of "Firetruck" by Smosh, telling me it was time to get up. I still couldn't believe myself. A 26 year old women, still fantizising about meeting a couple of YouTubers, even have their song as my alarm.


Back on FaceBook, I notcied I had a new message. I clcked it, thinking it was probably from my friend Lexi or something. Boy did I scream when I saw that it was a message from Tobuscus. I did Phil's happy dance, before settling down to read, not believing what was going on.


Hey, Aisha right. Love you name, hon :) *smirks. Anyway, I heard you live in Florida (A.N: Sorry, but the only thing I don't really know about Tobuscus is where he lives, so I just put him in Florida), and I was wondering if you want to meet up later for a coffee? I saw you live near me, and I'd love to meet up at the Starbucks on Coners st.? Just reply, I'm on FB, 24/7 :) see ya.


Aisha could hardly believe her luck. Here was the one and only Tobuscus, sending her a FaceBook message, asking her to go out for coffee?!?!?!?! She replied quicker that ever.


Yeah, I'll meet you there at 2:00 PM today then? :)


It's a date :)


She got a reply almost imediately. Better get ready she thought. Don't want to dress to obvious that I'd actually prepared for this, but don't look to down either.


In the end she opted for:









She quickly grabbed her phone, shoved it in her bag and headed of to the coffee shop. And there he was, the one and only Tobuscus.


"Hey!" he said, smiling at her. She walked over smiling, all her dreams had come true and she couldn't believe she was meeting him. She reached out her hand for a handshake. He looked at it and laughed.

"Can I just hug you?" he asked. She laughed, nervously, and opened her arms. She was hugging Tobuscus, WHAT???

"Now, let's get some coffee!" And with that he grabbed her hand and pulled her in...

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