His princess

This fanfic is about me and Niall. The story is one big flashback of me remembering all of the memories I've had with Niall while I am in the airport goin back to America If it is confusing please tell me it is my first fanfic so please give me feedback on it!!!!!


11. Ill be your server!

Nialls pov

Once I told Payton and Liam about the carnival there faces light up. Payton turned around and gave me a well( mini Horan hug not as good as mine). She ran over to the boys and gave them all hugs too. She and Liam started running around screaming lol 4 year olds. We all ran after them and started going on a whole bunch of rides. Payton ran into the haunted house so I went in after her. I was walking through when I heard a screech and a crash. PAYTON!!!!!

Payton pov

I ran into the haunted house deciding to play a trick on Niall. Before we left I grabbed my fake gag blood hoping to play a trick on the boys. I don't know why. So after I ran into the haunted house I waited for Niall to come in. I put the fake blood on my forehead got on the ground and put a machine down next to me to make or look like I got hit. I was laying down when I screamed really loud and banged the machine on the ground. I heard Niall running in my direction so I closed my eyes. Hopefully this will work.

Nialls pov

I ran thought the haunted house until I found Payton she was laying on the ground with blood on her head I ran over to her a slide across the ground next to her.
"Payton??" I asked quietly. I sat there for a minute and waited for her to wake up. I leant near her face see if she was breathing. As I got closer she woke up and screamed in my face.
"BOOOOO!!!!!!" She screamed. I jumped back. I early had a heart attack! I thought she was dead! She looked at me laughing and took out a tissue and whipped the fake blood off her forehead.
"I can't believe you feel for that!" She said laughing. I looked at her and she saw the terror in my face. "I'm soo sorry Niall I just wanted to scare you. Are you ok?" She asked wrapping her armed around me.
"I'm fine and that was an awesome prank!" I said laughing she got up and grabbed my hand. I hugged her again and gave her a kiss." Just never do that again!" I said.
"Promise!" She said giggling. We walked out of the haunted house and went over to the hammer game ( the one were you hit the thing with the hammer and try to ring the bell). I grabbed the hammer and hit the target. I watched as the ringer shot up and hit the bell. Payton started jumping up and down clapping. The guy handed me a giant teddy bear and I turned around and handed it to her.
"I've always wanted to win a teddy bear for my girl and I finally got to!" I said kissing her. She smiled and hugged me. We found the boys and we went on all the rides together. It was about 5 o'clock when we left the carnival. We had 2 hours toget ready for dinner. We got back to Harry's place and we all ran to get ready. I got dressed while Payton was in the shower I left the room and went down to the living room. I was wear black dress slacked a buttoned up white dress shirt tucked In and the sleeves rolled up. I waited as the guys came down they are all wearing the same thing but different colors. Harry was wear a red dress shirt with black slacks, Louis had on a green shirt and black slacks, Zayn had on a blue dress shirt and black slacks, and Liam was wear a black dress shirt with black slacks. Harry pulled out his phone and started texting Kathryn.
"Kathryn, Eleanor and Perrie will be here any minute. We waited a minute and the doorbell rang. Harry went to get the door and the girls came in. They all said hi and ran up stairs to help payton get ready.

Payton's pov

I heard the girls come up and open my bedroom door. I came out of the bathroom in my towel and the girls wear sitting on my bed while Eleanor was ironing my dress.
"Guys you didn't have to do all this!" I said looking at all my clothes do for tonight laid out.
"Yes we did! This might need to be perfect!" Kathryn said handing me my dress. I walked into the bathroom and put my dress on. This was the perfect dress! I walked out and the bathroom and the girls froze in their steps. I looked at them.
"Is it really that bad?" I asked. They looked at me like I was crazy.
"It beautiful!" They all squealed.
"Thanks!" I said blushing. Eleanor did my hair and Daniele did my makeup. It was about 6 when we were done. I looked int he mirror and gasped. I looked great( not to sound conceded). My hair was curled and fell perfectly on my shoulders and I had on a light brown eyeshadow and black eyeliner and mascara. I put on my earring, heels and grabbed my clutch and we all went downstairs. I hope Niall likes it.

Nialls pov

We heard the girls coming downstairs so we all stood up. I was so excited to see way Payton was wearing a beautiful peach colored dress with matching heels. My jaw dropped as I she walked over to me.
"So how do I look?" She asked me giggling. I looked at her for a minute.
"You look beautiful!" I said. She blushed and I have her a kiss. We all got in the car and Payton started to text Daniele. This night will be perfect.

Danieles pov

I was just about to get in a taxi when I got a text from Payton saying they were just about to leave I replied and hoped in the taxi. I was so excited to see Liam! I was wearing a mid thigh length gold sparkling dress with my hair curled and matching shoes. I had my makeup done as I normally do but a bit fancier. I gotto the restaurant a few minutes before everyone else did so I went inside to talk to the manager and tell him who I was. When I walked into the managers office he knew exactly who I was and told me what to do. I would come out and pretend to be their waitress. I heard them come in and saw them being escorted to their table. Payton saw me and winked. I nodded back and came over to their table.
"Hi I'm Danielle and I will be your server tonight!" Liam's head shot up when I said my name and his jaw dropped. He got up and ran over to me. He picked me up in a hug and spun me around.
"What are you doing here!?!?" He asked. "I thought you were one tour!" I laughed and pointed to Payton and Niall.
"Don't look at me!" Niall said quickly after. "It was Payton's idea!" He said pointing to her. Liam ran over to Payton and gave her a huge hug.
"Thank you sooooo much Payton how can I ever repay you?" He said still hugging her.
"By letting me go!!" She gasped. Liam let go and she caught her breath. I said hi to everyone and sat down next to Liam. Im so happy to be with him!
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