His princess

This fanfic is about me and Niall. The story is one big flashback of me remembering all of the memories I've had with Niall while I am in the airport goin back to America If it is confusing please tell me it is my first fanfic so please give me feedback on it!!!!!


4. Hate mail

Nialls p.o.v

I was laying in th grasses with Payton on top of me when harry runs up.
" Guys we need to go NOW!!" He panted.
" What wrong?" Payton asked. All of a sudden we her girls screaming. We got to about 200 girls running into the park plus the paps. I jumped up grabbed Payton's hand and started running. We heard a girl scream
" There they are!" as we were running to the car. We got in and harry started the car we drove off leaving the girls and paps in the distance. Once we got back to hotel I looked over at Payton. She was on her laptop. Oh no I thought. I looked over at her to see her starting to cry. I walk over to her and sit down next to her.
" What's wrong? What is it?" I asked trying to find out what it was. I picked up her laptop and started reading her comments on twitter. I was shocked at all the hate mail she was getting.
"@paytonglunt443 Eww your sooo ugly why would Niall want a troll like you."
"@paytonglunt443 You better stay away from Niall or I will kill you" I could stand any off these it the last one made me furious.
"@paytonglunt443 you ugly troll you better stay away from my Niall or I will find you and kill you and everyone you love. "
I slammed the laptop down and took out my phone. I logged onto twitter.
" All you of you giving my girlfriend threats and calling her ugly need to back off. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life and I love her with all my heart. Leave her alone and stop threatening her. I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND ALWAYS @paytonglunt443!!!!!<3" I put my phone down and looked over at Payton who was reading my tweet off her phone.
" I love you Payton and nothing and no one will ever change the way I feel about you." I whispered as I hugged her. She looked up at me.
" I love you to Niall and I promise I won't read anymore hate mail ever again." I smiled and kissed her. I loved to her. It was like falling in love with her all over again. We were still kissing when the boys came in.
"Eww get a room!!" Louis squealed. We pulled apart and looked at the boys. I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks. I looked down at Payton to see that she was blushing too.
" Hey you guys want to watch a movie?" She asked.
" Yes!" All the boys yelled.
" Let's watch Toy Story!" Liam pleaded.
" Okay!" Payton agreed. "Oh and Liam I have something for you" she said getting up and running I'm into the other room. She came out with a little box wrapped In birthday paper.
"I know it's week early but I couldn't wait." She said handing him the gift. Liam opened it and his jaw dropped. Louis picked it up and looked at it.
" An autographed version of toystory signed by Tom Hanks and Tim Allen." Louis said excitedly.
" What Payton how did you get that?" I asked. She looked at me and laughed.
" My uncle helped draw for toy story and pulled a few strings and got them to sign it!" She explained. Liam got up and pulled her into one of his giant bear hugs.
" THANK YOU SO MUCH!!" He yelled. " that means I'm gonna get you something extra special birthday buddy!"
" It's ok Liam I don't need anything special being friends with you guys is enough!" She said. We all hugged her and started the movie. Me and Payton were cuddling on the couch. About 20 minutes into the movie Payton fell asleep. I picked her up bridal style and tool her to our room. I must have woken her up because she grabbed onto my hand and pulled me into bed. I laid down next to her and she put her head on my chest and we drifted off to sleep together.
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