His princess

This fanfic is about me and Niall. The story is one big flashback of me remembering all of the memories I've had with Niall while I am in the airport goin back to America If it is confusing please tell me it is my first fanfic so please give me feedback on it!!!!!


5. Are you hungry?

Payton pov

I woke up with my head on Nialls chest. I looked up at him. He was so adorable when he slept. I got up a little bit and kissed him. His beautiful blue eyes fluttered open and he looked down at me.
"Morning babe." He said in his raspy morning voice. And I thought there was nothing that could make this boy any cuter! I got up and ran over to his his dresser. Took one of his shirts and a pair of my shorts and ran to put them on. I can out when Niall was changing his shirt. He turned around and I looked at him. He had a six pack I loved his six pack. He was any girls dream guy and i was that lucky girl . Sometimes I get that thought like why me? But if I even try to talk about Niall just tells me how beautiful I am. I really love him! He came over to me and hugged. He was so warm. Like fresh chocolate chip cookies.
"Are you hungry?" I asked looking up at him. His face lit up.
"Starved!" He laughed. I grabbed his hand and we walked into the kitchen.

Authors note:
Sorry this chaper is so short I'm having some writers block. If you have any ideas on what I should write about next leave me a comment! Thanks!!
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