His princess

This fanfic is about me and Niall. The story is one big flashback of me remembering all of the memories I've had with Niall while I am in the airport goin back to America If it is confusing please tell me it is my first fanfic so please give me feedback on it!!!!!


7. A Team

The boys got back from the studio about two hours after I got home. I was in the shower singing The A Team by Ed Sheeran.
" White lips, pale face, breathing in snowflakes, burnt lungs sour taste.... And they say she's in the A team stuck in her daydream been the this way since eighteen but lately her face seems slowly sinking wasting crumbling like pastries and they scream the worst things in life come free to us!" I sang as I walked out of the bathroom. I opened the door and saw Niall on the bed.
"OHH!! Niall what are you doing back I thought you wouldn't be back until 5?" I asked embarrassed.
"It's is 5" he said. Oh my god I was in the shower for two hours!
" Oh and was that you singing in there?" He asked. I looked at him blushing.
"Ya sorry if I was terrible.." I said trailing off.
"Terrible?!? That was amazing. Wow my girlfriend is beautiful and can sing!" He said cheekily. I smilied.
"Well get our so i can change!" I said hold my towel around me. Once he left the room I got changed into my Jack Wills sweatshirt and some shorts. I walked out in the living room and the boys were watching football. I went over to Niall and cuddled up next to him. He put his arm around me and I put my head on his chest.
"Hey guys is anyone hungry?" I asked after the game. The boys turned to me like I was crazy.
"You really have to ask that?" Liam asked. He laughed and got up to get the phone.
"Pizza?" I asked. The boys agreed I called up the restaurant and asked the boys what they want.
"Mushrooms!" I started talking to the guys and ordered 4 pizzas. One with half meat half peppers. The second with half pepperoni and half mushrooms. Then finally one plain. I told the guys delivery and he said 20 minutes. I hung up and walked into the living room.
"20minutes." I said to the boys. We turned on memo and started watching that. Then the doorbell rang. I got up to get it me the pizza guy was there trying not to drop the pizzas. I grabbed the pizzas and payed the guy. I walked into the kitchen and put down and yelled.
"PIZZA!!!!!" All of a sudden I was attacked by 5 hungry guys.
"YES!!!" They all screamed digging into the pizza. I was behind all of them trying to grab a slice. I finally got one and started eating. Niall turned around and saw me. He took a slice from his plate and brought it over to me. He put it on my plate and gave me a kiss. All the boys turned around and their jaws dropped. I looked at them a raised an eyebrow.
"What??" I asked. I the boys were still staring when Zayn started to talk.
"Niall never shares his food with ANYONE!" He gasped. I looked at him and he laughed.
"It's true!" He said blushing.
"You really are the perfect girl for him!" Harry chimed in. I looked down and blushed. Niall pulls my head up with his hand and kisses me.
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