His princess

This fanfic is about me and Niall. The story is one big flashback of me remembering all of the memories I've had with Niall while I am in the airport goin back to America If it is confusing please tell me it is my first fanfic so please give me feedback on it!!!!!


1. It's not goodbye

Payton's p.o.v

We walked into the airport my eyes were already dried out from crying but I knew I wasn't done. I looked over at Niall and the boys. I couldn't let then see me cry I wanted the last time of them seeing me to be happy not sad. Niall looked up at me and grabbed my hand.
" I love you, babe" Niall whispered. I could tell he was on the verge of crying to. I let a tear escape my eye as I said
" I love you too!" He must have saw that I was crying because he wiped away the tears. We stopped right outside of security. I turned to all the boys.
" I'm going to miss you all so much!!" I said tearing up.
" We'll miss you too!!" They all said sniffling. Even though we've only known each other for a few months it felt like we've grown up together. I cried as I gave them all hugs. I turned to Niall and just looked at him. As soon as his beautiful blue eyes looked into mine I lost it. I started balling my eyes out. I ran over to him and gave him the biggest hug. We stood there hugging for what felt like hours. We pulled apart and I gave him a kiss and put on my sunglasses. He looked at me and reached up to his favorite hat. He looked down at it and handed it to me.
" I want you to have this." He smiled as he put it on my head.
" but Niall this is your favor-" I started but he cut me off.
" I know I want you to keep it as a memory." I hugged him and took off my favorite pair of ray bands ( in guys style) an put them on his eyes.
" And don't say it, I want you to have these to remember me."
" How could I ever forget my princess?!" I hugged him once more. I have everyone one last hug and Niall a kiss. I adjusted my hat to how he wears it and started walking away. I turned around and waved. I was turning back around when I saw Zayn walk away on his phone. Typical Zayn I thought probably talking to Perrie. I heard them talking and Niall yelling.
" Well go get it it's in the car!"
He probably needed his phone. He's so forgetful I thought as a started tearing up. I was about to reach secerity when I heard someone strumming....
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