Jump Into Love - 1SHOT41D

Nicolette Saunders is 15.
Her best mate, Tilly Jules is moving to London. And, as a treat, Nicolette is allowed to stay with her for a week.
During this week, exciting and sureal happenings take place.
Meeting One Direction was a dream, but will falling in love Niall Horan stay a dream, or will it become reality.

Short Story for the 1SHOT41D Competition.


2. Jump Into Love.

Tilly and I had spent the day shopping. It was great to spend the day together, shopping for Valetines day. Sadly, I didn't have a boyfriend.

"It's a shame really" Tilly spoke, "Your really pretty. You deserve a...-"

She turned the corner and crashed straight into a guy wearing shades and a stripy shirt. Her bags were sent flying, and his shades dropped to the ground, and spashed on the concrete.

"OMG, I am sooooo sorry!" she rushed, lifting his glasses from the ground. We both gasped when his gaze met ours. A blonde boy hurried along behind him, and paused when he saw clothes strewn along the street.

"Louis!" he cried, motioning towards the clothes and the broken shades Tilly held in her hands.

It was Niall and Louis from One Direction! I couldn't believe it, but I knew I was standing there with me jaw to the floor.

Louis took the shades out of Tilly's hand, and apoligised.

"I'm so sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going. Maybe I need new shades..." Louis and Tilly began a whole conversation then, while I was still standing there. I told myself to move, and pick up the clothes. I edged around Louis who moved out of the way for me, and knelt down and stuffed the clothes into the correct bags. That's when Niall knelt beside me, and helped.

"I'm sorry about your clothes. Louis is such a plonker" he spoke, in an Irish accent, and smiled.

"That's quite alright" I spoke, in what sounded like a REALLY British accent compared to his. I picked myself up, and slung some of the bags on my shoulder.

"So, whats your name?" he asked, looking past me at Louis and Tilly, who were both laughing and slapping each other on the arm as if they'd been mates since they were 5.

"I'm Nicolette "

"I'm Niall" he replied, still gazing past me. He suddenly pulled his own glasses off his face, and held them in his hand for a moment.

"So, Niall..."

He was staring at me then,  as if trying to figure out what I'd meant by that. Then he coughed rather loudly, and Louis made his way over.

"Sorry. Me and Tilly were swaping numbers" he grinned. Niall rolled his eyes, and turned back to me.

"Can I have your number?"

My heart flipped. He looked as if he genually wanted it, but I couldn't tell whether he was trying to act, or if he actually did want it.

I nodded, and turned to Tilly, and widened my eyes as a signal. She rolled through her contacts, and began to read out the number, while Niall wrote it down on a reciept Louis handed him.

"You seem nice, Nicolette. It's not everyday I ask a girl for her number". Then he winked at me, and him and Louis stalked off down the street, laughing about something. I knew they were probably laughing at us, and it was some kind of annoying dare, but I didn't dare doubt anything, because it had been so realistic.


"Nicole, I think we should go out tonight" Tilly suggested, checking her One Direction calender. She hadn't stopped listening or watching videos of them ever since our first encounter. I'd enjoyed it as equaly, but it was our last day together, and I wanted to spend the day with her. I knew she only wanted to go out because we'd probably see them again, and the fact that it was Valentines day didn't help either.

"I don't know Tilly. You've been a little obsessed lately. I guess if you did meet them, you would be, but this is crazy. And anyway, it's my last day for Christ sakes. Can't we spent it together?" I asked icily. She looked at me a little disapointedly.

"I suppose. But this may be our last chance to see them again. I mean, Niall did ask for your number"

"Tilly, it's been 6 days. He hasn't phoned or texted. He doesn't want to get to know me. He only did it because Louis did. And you two have been texting all week. By this time, he'll have dumped Elenor, and he'll be smothering you."

Tilly didn't look too impressed. She knew that I was jelous. I knew I was jelous. It was so annoying. Niall was so hot. I was so not. He was so sweet. I was so...fail?

"Come on, Nicole. This could be your night to impress! You might see Niall, and he might fall in love with you! Come on, I'll get you an outfit. You are going to look irresistable."

With that, she began shuffling through her wardrobe, and pulled out various dresses and skirts and shirts, throwing them on her new double bed. After a couple of minuets, she got me trying on most of the dresses, and picked out her favourite. Then it was shirts and skirts and shorts, and she chose the most fashionable.

"Okay, chose un. White lace dress, or black shorts avec tight top?"

I decided on the dress to keep safe, and went with white velvet pumps.


A few hours later, Tilly and I were out in a club, dancing along to One Direction tunes. Tilly was suddenly dragged off by Louis, because they'd both met up. Sadly, there was no sign of Niall. Harry, Zayn and Liam were all there, but no Niall.

"So, Nicolette, Niall says you two met in town. What happened? He wouldn't give me the story".

"Um, we just bumped into them, that's all. Not much to it".

I looked away from Harry and out towards Tilly, who was wedged in between Elenor and Louis. Elenor didn't look to happy, but I could see Louis assuring her. Then he jumped up to get them both drinks, and Elenor and Tilly got chatting. After a moment they were both laughing, acting as if they were best mates.


That was Zayn then, tapping me on the shoulder. I spun round to face him, and smiled weakly.

"Uh huh?" my voice wobbeled, but I hoped more then anything that he didn't hear it.

"You wanna dance with us?" he asked, glancing back at Harry and Liam to check if it was okay with them. Liam shrugged, checking over to Danielle, and Harry looked towards the floor.

"Honestly, it's alright. You guys have fun. I think I'll just head home".

I stalked off past them, and past Tilly who looked up as I walked by.

" Where are you going?" she called after me frantically.

"Home" I replied. "I'll go back to yours, pack my stuff, catch the late tube. Bye Till's". I left the club, the cold evening air splashing against my bare arms and legs. There were several figures on the street, some making their way past me, some heading towards the Club. I glanced sideways and crossed the street, before turning a corner and bumping into somebody.

"I'm sooo sorry" I rushed, grabbing onto their arms. To my surprise, the street light suddenly flashed, and in front of me, stood...

Niall Horan?

"Nicolette" he breathed, ruffling his hair with a free hand. His other hand held a phone, the screen flashing repeatdly.


I stood there akwardly, the cold freezing me. It wasn't anything compared to how warm I felt inside of me, the the heat penetrating off my cheeks. It was a strange, but nice feeling.

"Where are you going?" he asked suddenly, sliding his phone back into his pocket.

"I'm going back to Tilly's. I'm heading home".

"But it's so dark" he replied, motioning to the dark blue sky above us. It was nice to know he cared about my safety, but it didn't look as if he cared that much.

"I know. But I'm alone in there because Tilly is with Elenor and Louis, Harry and Liam are both chatting away to Danielle and Zayn wants to dance as long as Harry and Liam are there. So, I'm alone".

Niall glanced past me to a puddle in the road, the Club lights reflecting off the water. Then he stared back at me, and bit his lip.

"I'll dance with you" he tried, and I smiled lightly.

Maybe he did like me. Maybe he did want to be with me.

He took my hand in his, and led us both back to the club, and we spent the next hour dancing and singing along to some of their own songs.

"I've had a really good time" I called through the music. Niall replied with a smile.

"So have I".

And with that, he leant in, and kissed me passionatly on the lips.

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