Feeling the love

Jen was a smart young girl, who was ready to move on, but as she trys moving on she finds herself in a very awkward place with lots of guys.


2. yay!...........

I'm here!!! I yelled as i pulled up to a highrise building, i opend the trunck and pulled out my suitcase walked inside and found the lady at the counter. " hi i'm jen i talked to you on the phone" "oh yes your apartment is room 12 on the 5 floor" "thank you" and grabed the key, and walked into the elavater as i steped in i sall a hot blond standing there he smiled and asked what floor, i looked him in the eyes and told him floor 5 and pressed the putten adding a little sound effect "beep!" to it, i laughed and and as i was about to step out he asked if he could carry my bag for me i smiled and said YES!, Because who would say No to somone that friken hot.

when i opend the door i told him he could just drop it any ware on the floor he smiled and did what i had said " hey what is your name?" he blurted out "ohh i'm Jen, whats yours?" "oh me well i'm Nial from room 13 were, nieghbours" thats cool i said then told him to come by later if he wanted.

then i got back into the elevater and went down the first floor to check if the moving truck was here yet they were and told them what room and they started up the stares with my furniture, i got a cart and stacked all my moving boxes on it i pushed it into the elevater, there was no hot blond there this time and i had to push the butten.

wheni got to my room the movers had alread placed all my furniture in the apartment so i put all the boxes down and took a good look at my new home it was modern it was all white like i told them to do with red lights and a nice red rug and a beautiful fireplace and last but not least my bedroom  it was so big ir had a walk in closet with a bathroom and a queen sized bed . finally came to my scences and started to unpack, when i was finished it was around 12 pm so i got ready for bed i locked the door brushed my teeth and dozed of.


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